Mayor of Limerick prepares positive response to letter from Ireland across the Cork counterpart

Mayor of Limerick prepares positive response to letter from Ireland across the Cork counterpart

At 5.30pm on Sunday after the All-Ireland Bowling Championship final, the Limerick mayor wrote an outrageous reply to his opponent in Cork, who sent a letter asking him to prepare a “collectible” trophy for Liam McCarthy.

Cork Mayor Cllr Colm Kelleher told Cllr Daniel Butler on Monday that the cup’s legitimate home was in Leeside. He was brought to Croke Park on Sunday and asked how he could get back to Cork by 5.30pm.

“I think you have something for us. He’s about 16 inches tall, he’s silver, he’s known as Liam. Unfortunately we lost Liam in 2006 and we found him in 2013 after many years of searching.

Thank you so much for taking care of him. We will not forget

For years I found him in Kilkenny, Galway, Tipperary and Claire for some reason, and now I think of Limerick.

“One can only imagine how sad it was not to return to Leeside 16 years ago. I’m sure you understand and understand, there is no place like home, and certainly no place like Cork! ”

“As mayor of Limerick, may I ask you to arrange for Liam’s to be brought to Croke Park on Sunday for collection?” I will arrange to pick it up at 5:30 pm and bring it back to Lies. Thank you so much for his care. I will never forget him.

He added that Liam McCarthy, from Baligarwan in County Cork, has a family and regrets not having a trophy in Leeside.

Reply message

However, Cllr Butler has now written his best letter, in which Cllr Kelleher promises to give a look at Grail before returning to Limerick.

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The mayor of Cork’s letter contained “many errors that could not be opened,” some of which he said would be “difficult for Corcon residents to accept.”

“First, Liam McCarthy was from London, and his mother, Bridget, was from Braff’s heartland in County Limerick,” he said.

Bridget is a big ejaculation fan, you know moms are always right and there is no supporter like Limerick.

Liam is really relieved that he has been there for two of the last three years.

“It’s very far from anyone else’s interpretation, but I have to point out that the first recipient of the Liam McCarthy Cup in 1923 (Ireland in 1921) was Limerick, so Liam was very happy on Shannonside.

Liam is really relieved to have lived in two of the last three years.

“I can imagine how impatient you are to see Liam again, but I’m sure we will give you a clear answer on Sunday if you do not observe him before returning to Limerick.”



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Crr Kelleher, meanwhile, tells Cork to take the cup of cork to a radio station. In an interview with Neil Brendville’s show on Red FM in Cork, he said, “The locals will remove the polish on Sunday to bring Liam home.”

He added that traditional return celebrations are not a problem for those who lift the cup.

“Traditional homecoming, none of this will unfortunately be on paper. But everything is being examined. Something different will be done. Like, so far, I’m in the dark.”

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He said bringing the trophy back to Kovid for a turbulent time would be a huge boost for the city, urging the public to enjoy this moment following last year’s unrest.

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