Mayo Pub plans to open with Covid-19 tests after admission, ignoring government guidelines.

Mayo Pub plans to open with Covid-19 tests after admission, ignoring government guidelines.

A Mayo Pub is set to open its doors to local consumers this evening, saying it is not a violation and that it takes a prudent approach to public health guidelines.

Ellines Bar in Agamore, co Mayo Locals will be required to undergo a quick antigen test at a cost of 10 before entering the pub. They said it would take 15 minutes to complete the test.


Eleanor Bar is getting ready to open its doors
Locals have been informed about the inauguration


Locals have been informed about the inauguration
Mayo Pub will test all customers


Mayo Pub will test all customers
Owner Donald Byrne


Owner Donald Byrne Attribution: CGT

Gasotropubs across the country reopened last week as the country shifted from strict lockdowns to Level 3 restrictions over the Christmas period.

Eileen’s bar has since closed Covid-19 The restrictions first came into effect in March as food was not served.

Donal Byrne, the bar’s owner, said they had been punched in the face on government advice and planned to reopen somehow.

Along with Claire Byron, he told RTE Today: “Food does not stop Kovid, and using the word food on the tagline does not prevent Kovid from getting it.

“This is not a solution, not everyone is going to get the vaccine too soon, and we need to look for a long-term solution.

“Solutions for the city are not for the villagers.

No big codes

“For the past 15 years we have maintained a social distance in the western part of Ireland.

“You’ll be lucky to include ten people in a pub any night. There’s no big crowd, so it’s completely different.”

Mr. Byrne said he was ready to approach him Gardai When he opens business this evening.

He said: “I am not naive, I know some people will have problems. My eyes are open, I am ready to answer, I am ready to protect myself.

“We will gladly represent ourselves. We feel that we have passed this legally and that we are in a good position.”

To the next level

The Winters’ Association of Ireland said the advice was clear and the guidelines should be followed.

Mr Byrne said: “When you go down to a restaurant or a gastropub, you go in and eat and keep the social space inside.

“You are tempted with us, and then when you go inside you keep a social distance.

“What we are doing is taking it to the next level. We are taking it a step further.

We do not say, “Oh, this is a mess.” We hire medical professionals to perform the tests. We do not do this ourselves.

“We don’t force people, we don’t look for new customers.

“It’s only through the appointment of regulars and locals. This is a very closed and restricted environment.”

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