Maximum wind warning of 150 km / h

Maximum wind warning of 150 km / h

Friday the 18th Eunice storm Will be affected Ireland and the United KingdomThe Reds have warned of a hurricane.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. In these areas theRed Alert Of the National Weather Service, an absolutely rare occurrence.

The Irish Meteorological Service has issued a Red Alert following the storm Strong winds are blowing along the coast Southwest. The wind speed here is 130 kilometers per hour. Strong winds are blowing in the UK 196 km / h A national record.

The Orange Alert covers the rest of Wales and many other parts of south-central England, as far as Manchester and most of Ireland. The Yellow Alert, on the other hand, mainly includes Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Satellite Eumetsat

Wind, a wind that can reach even locally 150-160 km per hourIt can cut down trees, destroy some houses and obstruct power lines and railway lines The storm is raging Strong on all shores. Many schools were closed.

The power of Eunice storm lies in the fact that it is under one Powerful jet stream (Jet stream) At high altitudes, winds can reach up to 320 kilometers per hour during these hours.

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