Matt Hancock says Kovid rules will not be relaxed for New Year’s celebrations

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has suggested that corona virus laws be scrapped during New Year's celebrations

New Year’s Eve is off: Matt Hancock on December 31 shatters expectations as he tells the nation that ‘Christmas’ will only get a waiver on the rules and ‘don’t blow it off with the vaccine on the horizon’.

  • Matt Hancock said the exemption rules that allow families to meet are only for Christmas
  • The Health Secretary suggested that smooth rules be put in place for New Year celebrations
  • He said he knew it was frustrating but unfortunately needed it.

Matt Hancock has refused to release corona virus controls on New Year’s Day because the government’s flexible measures are ‘Christmas-only’.

The health secretary told a Dominion Street press conference, “We need to be careful,” he said, urging the nation not to blow the whistle on the horizon.

He acknowledged that following the December 31 deadline was “very disappointing” but said it was “unfortunately necessary”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has suggested that corona virus laws be scrapped during New Year’s celebrations

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have agreed to a joint plan to relax rules to allow people to travel to see their loved ones during the Christmas season.

The simplified measures will enable people to form a ‘Christmas bubble’ between December 23 and December 27 and to visit indoors.

Christmas bubbles can include people from three different homes.

The government has been under pressure to extend the exemption rules to celebrate the New Year, and critics argue that this is a much more important occasion for some people than Christmas.

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Hancock rejected the move this evening because it would allow people to celebrate indoors on December 31st.

He said: ‘We are not bringing in special rules for the New Year as we have for Christmas.

I know 2020 will be a very difficult year for many of us, so we brought in rules around Christmas to ensure that people have the opportunity to see some of their family members. Every year.

” But we need to be careful not to blow it, especially with the vaccine on the horizon, to make sure we all take the necessary steps to care for others, especially the vulnerable. Illness above Christmas.

Therefore, throughout this crisis we have not enacted any special rules for the New Year or many other holidays and special occasions. Just for Christmas.

‘I know it’s frustrating, but unfortunately the virus needs to be brought under control.’


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