Matt Doherty speaks after the referee’s performance during the match between Portugal and Ireland

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“I don’t want to say anything more … I think people will tell themselves that some things are not right.”

Matt Doherty spoke after the referee’s performance during Wednesday night’s Portugal-Ireland match.

Ireland have lost 2-1 in Cristiano Ronaldo’s last two matches, but most of the post – match conversations have been about refereeing and Yog’s performance.

Matt Doherty on Ireland’s defeat to Portugal

Although Spurs stopped full-back before calling the referee, he certainly questioned some of the more confusing decisions he made that night.

He said: “When you watch the game, you feel a little uneasy about some of the things that happened.

“I do not want to talk too much … I think people will tell themselves that some things are not right.

“Lots of little things. I ran off the field, I turned yellow and there were a lot of fouls. If they hadn’t scored, you’d have gotten some chance in the last moments of the game.

“It was weird.”

Portugal 2-1 Ireland

Although Doherty himself did not specifically blame the referee’s performance, Didi Haman did, of course, the day after the match.

He wrote on Twitter: “In the 35 years that I have played or watched football, I never thought anything was right. For the first time yesterday. I played a minute overtime in the first half. Suspicious calls. “

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While working at RTE, he made his comments clear: “Boys do not deserve to lose. No reason to go more than five minutes. Hendrick snaps five minutes later and the ball bounces back. I think the match should have ended now. ”

Matt Doherty

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