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Matt Damon follows Dolky Lockdown down the road to Tipperary with his A-list teammates

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Matt Damon could not stay away from Ireland any longer.

The Hollywood star, who spent a lockdown in the seaside village of Dalki in Dublin, has returned to Ireland to watch scenes from The Last Duel in Cahir, the historic city of Co Tipperary.

The 49-year-old was riding a horse in a cocoon last week. For a scene from the much-anticipated film.

Earlier this year, the actor, who turned into an Irish treasure to some extent after working at Dalkey, was pictured training for a movie with his French teammate Jodi Comer.

The film, which is set to release in October 2021, is based on the last royal-ordered daring duel. It tells the story of a knight who was ordered by King Charles VI of France to settle a dispute with his best friend.

The Last Dual stars Damon, Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Michael McLaughlin and Kawim O’Malley are also expected to be one of the hit films of 2021.


The set of the last duel leaves the pair of comers. Photo: Niall Carson / PA Wire

Speaking on the American talk show Conan about the film, Damon said: “It was about the last allowed duel between these two knights in medieval France, in which one of them claimed to have raped his wife.

“They could not solve what had happened, so they fought to the death to decide who was telling the truth.”

The film crew is “Bio Bubbles” at the Exclusive K Club in Co. Kildare, where filming during the corona virus pandemic is uninterrupted.

Afle is believed to have covered his scenes in Ireland last week.


Kawaiim o Mali set. Photo: Niall Carson / PA Wire

In the coming weeks the medieval legend will be filmed at Cahir Castle and will cross the Zuire River with its beautifully located inch field in the city.

It is a huge production with more than 200 actors flocking to the historic Cahir Castle for filming.

The car park of the fort is partially encircled by the installation of cranes, portable cabins and film tents. Built in the 13th century and served as a stronghold of the Buttler family, the castle is no stranger to A-list players.

It previously appeared on The Tudors, a 1981 hit TV series called Exalibur.

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