Matrix Tech Demo on Unreal Engine 5 Tested on Different Video Cards – GTX 1060 averaged 15 fps

Matrix Tech Demo on Unreal Engine 5 Tested on Different Video Cards - GTX 1060 averaged 15 fps

But it is still hoped that the graphics accelerator will drag games across the UE5.

April 5 Epic Games Released Unreal Engine 5 and City Sample – a free project on the engine, with the city available from Techno Demo Stimulates the matrix For the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. A few days later, PC owners with different graphics cards tested the City sample and shared the results.

In the tech demo, there is no way to adjust the settings in the menu, but it can be done through the configuration file. However, since not everyone knows about it, most of the tests were performed on maximum graphic parameters. It is also worth noting that almost all YouTubers have evaluated the performance of the pre-compiled Versions Instead of running the tech demo directly from the UE5 environment. Because of this, they have increased productivity.

The mid-budget NVIDIA graphics card delivers 10-15 fps at 1080p with maximum settings when traveling around the city. At the same time, the graphics accelerator worked at maximum load regardless of the scene.

At maximum settings, the video card produces an average of 10 fps. Techno-demo graphics have not yet been tested on other presets.

At 1080p resolution in the “high” graphics preset, the average frame rate is about 20 fps when driving through a daytime city. In “low” settings, the image rises to 30-45 fps, depending on the scene. At the same time, if you reduce the resolution by 50%, you can achieve more than 80 fps when walking around the city on foot with minimal graphic parameters.

The video card averaged 19 fps with maximum settings when traveling around the city. The author of the video also revealed the optimized parameters, in which the tech-demo worked at 34-40 fps with rare reductions.

At “high” settings in 1080p resolution, the video card averaged 29 fps, “medium” – 34 fps and “low” – 50 fps. According to YouTuber Daniel Owen, testing has shown that mid-range graphics cards can run games in UE5 at an acceptable frame rate.

The graphics accelerator provided maximum resolution of 40-45 fps when traveling around the city and up to 60 fps in some scenes on foot.

At a maximum resolution of 1440p, the graphics card delivers 30 fps for most demanding scenes, such as daytime city driving.

The most powerful NVIDIA graphics card to date, Released March 29, 2022, provided 40-60 fps in 4K resolution at maximum settings. At the same time, the graphics accelerator load never reached 100%.

On the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Matrix Awakens Tech Demo ran on Dynamic 1620p and the Series S on Dynamic 1080p. In all cases the frame rate was 20-30 fps.

Developers are also actively experimenting with the city sample. Previously, one of them turned a tech-demo into a “Superman simulator”.

The PC version of the Matrix Tech-Demo on Unreal Engine 5 became the “Simulator”. Superman ”

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It took the developers only a day to create the first “modes” for the City sample.

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