Maths teacher was called ‘goat’ by students, teacher burst into tears hearing the reason .. – Marathi News | A math teacher’s reaction to finding out why her students call her a goat is now viral

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There are many students all over the world who fear math teachers. After asking the question in math class, many students crack it like they saw a ghost. So some people start crying. On social media A math teacher’s post goes viral. (Math Teacher Finds Out Why Her Students Call Her GOAT) In which the teacher was confused for days because her students called her GOAT. But tears flowed from her eyes when she realized the real reason. (The maths teacher burst into tears when he found out why the students were calling the goat)

An 8th grade math teacher found her students calling her the (GOAT) GOAT. She was confused about this for several days. What happened after all this, the students started teasing her, she thought. the teacher On social media He expressed his concern and asked Reddit users for help in understanding this ‘prank’ of students.

He wrote on social media platform Reddit, questioning, Why are students calling me a goat? People’s reaction and the whole meaning of the word came to the fore. GOAT does not mean GOAT (greatest of all time). Realizing this, tears flowed from the teacher’s eyes. The teacher was surprised to read the meaning of this word. This post was shared 3 days ago on Reddit in the No Stupid Questions forum. The caption reads – ‘When I realized the meaning of the word, tears came to my eyes. I can’t believe the kids always praise me. Thanks everyone for answering this question.

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More than 41,000 people have liked the photo since the post was shared on social media platform Reddit. More than 1800 users have commented on it. One user said that if you get this nickname, kids will love you a lot.

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