Master of the Acrodian: “In the Cultural Tent” by Sharon Shannon

Master of the Acrodian: "In the Cultural Tent" by Sharon Shannon

Master of the Acrodian: “In the Cultural Tent” by Sharon Shannon

05/22/2022 • Malte Suess • Views: 140

It was folkloric at the Red Tent in Holti on Wednesday evening. Irish folk musician Sharon Shannon and her band celebrated 30 years of stage presence. There are some new hits and well known ones.

Sharon Shannon at the Cultural Tent | Photo: Malte Suess

Woonstorf (Ms.). The stage was set very simply as the audience waited for Irish folk star Sharon Shannon. There is a small pedestal in the middle, on which the Irish woman should sit. One guitar, three microphones, and the acrodian, the musician’s instrument. The stage was bathed in a little blue light as visitors and their drinks slowly drew into the tent to the music of the “Buena Vista Social Club” on Wednesday evening.

The audience, which was not even half full, gave the singer and lyricist a warm “warm welcome” with her two guitarists. The audience was then taken on a journey through Ireland.

Accordion, guitar, mandolin and tin whistle

Guitarist Jack Maher regularly switched from guitar to mandolin. Also, Maher and second guitarist Jim Murray sang. An hour later the three artists rested and interacted with the audience.

Shannon touches the audience

The second part continued as vigorously as the first part. It was a cross section of 30 years of music and stage life. There was applause, swaying and kicking. For Irish folk songs, Shannon unfurled an Irish tin whistle and played it.

“Good.” “The best vibe.” “Great location.”

Voice from the audience

In the evening, the Onestorf audience, often referred to as highly critical, came out of their shells. You did not notice that only 40 tickets were sold. Shannon also found time to explain the Acrodian. She performed a song she had written for her late father. But the highlight is the addition of The Galway Girl, also known from the movie PS. I love you. “

Shannon and her fellow musicians | Photo: Malte Suess
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