Mass Closing of WhatsApp Accounts: How to Avoid Suspension | Chronicle

Mass Closing of WhatsApp Accounts: How to Avoid Suspension |  Chronicle

There are many ways to do that WhatsApp You can control users to unsubscribe. “Your phone number is not authorized to use our service. Contact support for assistance.”. Hundreds of people receive this message through’s messaging platform Facebook. Reports of unannounced account suspensions have increased in recent months.

With the latest update of WhatsApp’s privacy rules, many restrictions on the platform have appeared to users, arguing to maintain security.

Thanks to a new restriction that exists, suspended accounts will disappear and no contact will be able to access them. There are a number of rules that need to be followed to avoid penalties or improper payment.

How to avoid suspending your WhatsApp account?

One of the first warnings of WhatsApp What users are doing is avoiding the widespread publicity of campaigns, images, videos, and messages, as the company may perceive this behavior as questionable. If WhatsApp finds out that it is sending too many messages in one day, it can close it permanently.

Don’t panic anyway. The algorithm on the platform focuses on sending thousands of messages in a very short time, which is typical of a spam message and not so common to the average user.

Second, if an account starts sending high volume messages as soon as it is registered, it can lead to suspicion and closure due to spam corruption attempts.

Additionally, users who have been blocked more than once by different recipients may face permanent account closures.

The IP address and telephone number of the same country are two variables that conflict with the algorithm on the platform: Lack of compatibility between these two components In the event that WhatsApp registers, the account will be deleted before it is registered. .

How To Avoid Suspending Your WhatsApp Account.

WhatsApp apps “banned”

In addition to companies like Signal telegram, In recent years it has become very popular, users have found that there are “pirated” versions of WhatsApp, and names like “plus” or other variants, in addition to working like the original, there are many tools to take advantage of.

Of course, this has caught the attention of many attractive people, for example, to edit aesthetics and customize every aspect of the interface with a variety of themes and fonts, and see if the contacts are “online” without opening. Chat among many other skills, or download other people’s states.

However, Facebook-owned instant messaging company has informed consumers about the dangers and consequences of downloading these parallel applications.

Downloading a virus download to your cell phone is only one of the minor dangers, as WhatsApp warns that many people will receive a notification that their accounts have been “suspended”.

WhatsApp has a blacklist of applications and if a user finds that it has been downloaded to their smartphone, they can delete their account permanently.. Applications include WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero and FMW WhatsApp.

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