“Masked Singer”: This dress is exposed!

"Masked Singer": This dress is exposed!

“That’s extra level Sh.t!” And so on Rhea Garvey, last week Francisco van Almsik Unicorn is more than properly edited. This time he had no clue under the kwoka mask, but he was not alone in his ignorance or excitement: “Someone else on the clock,” then praised an Instagram user. Demaskiering. “Mission completed. Great show.”

The awe of the actors Henning Boom (“Last Bull”) Cute Fury was widespread in Fluff’s costume. Rhea Garvey Before the unveiling, there was at least some suspicion: “We will all be shocked here.” ProSieben app users Thomas Gotzchack The main defendant won more than 53 percent of the vote.

Henning Boom Did not appear in the list. Gastroenter Steven Gotgen However, in a nutshell: “Henning The personal essence of this great show is: “Enjoy, give everything, perform. Motto: No risk, no fun.” That shouldn’t be the last surprise!

Top Web Responses to the Latest “Masked Singer” Episode:

The Build newspaper Wrong twice!

There is only one obvious favorite in this. Is the tortoise Thomas Anders! More than 77 percent of app players see it that way, and a poor list of revelations. “Build newspaper“Published, sees former modern talking singer in” Shildi “costume. Side note: The” Build “list has already drawn the second dead in the series.

But Different, The Steven Gotgen Put it on the table, maybe right. Yes, so Ruth Moshner: “It could be Thomas, but it’s different.” After a strong appearance in the movie “Way Down We Go” (Calio), she suspected the hit board. Howard Carpendel In clothing.

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‘S best pictures Ruth Moshner:

He has his favorite costume in the bull costume Guildhorn Redeveloped. Before the show, 46.5 percent of app users suspected it was a pop singer – for the first time since the show Rhea Garvey If there is a brain agitation and he is suspected, it is 64 percent. even though Ruth Moshner Still in doubt (“It’s very clear, the bull has two horns”): With the football national anthem “You will never walk alone”, the double-horned man offered a musical performance that deserved the seventh place on ESC 1998.

There is serious competition Guildo According to the advisory board. Steven The suspects – obviously – are Prosiben football specialist coach Esume in a bull football uniform, but he does not sing very well. It’s Ruth’s understanding that she can be a singer Alexander Marcus Looks like Papaya has never gotten a football egg from the hit of the same name Steven Surrendered: “I don’t even have these synapses in my head.”

Is the leopard blind?

Not only the celebrity density but also the performance of the candidates this season of “Masked Singer” is right. It is already “TNT” (AC / DC) Including angus shuffle and air guitar inclusion. The jury found it difficult to deal with the suspects. One that fans suspect Thore Schollerman No one mentioned this time.

Leopards are not one-to-one. Because the big cat has already twice shown himself immortal and sang while lying down, he said. Rhea Garvey, The self-proclaimed “biggest fan of leopards”, suspects: “Maybe it’s a singer who has trouble moving on her own.” He suspects the blind musician Joanna Room In clothing. Hook: In the initial broadcast, the leopard sang “normal” while standing.

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The dinosaur was brought Rhea Garvey TV viewers were outraged: “It was sick, you heard four singers”, and the Irishman was at a loss after an angry mash-up of “rapper’s joy” and “get lucky” because of the sound adjustment. “We don’t get honest voices. That’s unfair.” But the performance was always great. Even the heavy metal effect weaved the dinosaur. Steven Gotgen flabbergasted: “The monster cannot be tamed.”

Chic offers Rhea Garvey Forehead

Flamingo promised “all lovers” (Kylie Minogue). Before the show you can imagine Rose Antony, the main suspect in the network, in a strange and colorful bird costume. The drama fits the former Jungle King as well: in the end, he and Kwoka decide who will be expelled. When the flamingo announced that it was flying to the next round, it was relieved to be on stage.

There was a chicken (Oppenheimer: “It’s polarizing. Some like it, others call it. Rhea. Last line: “I’m not a roast chicken.” This is what the Irish rocker last called the chicken.

Hiding with a surprise chicken, the fans (and the advisory team) are in conflict. Steven Gotgen Luna Schweiger, Ruth Moshner Emma Schweiger, Palina Rojinski and Annette Fryer reunite. One actress suspected Ray Garvey and sneered at Caroline Herphat: “I’ve heard them sing on YouTube.”

A constant topic among fans: annoying advertising

All in all, an amazing show evening. Or, like a fan Instagram “A good long-term commercial with occasional songs”. Inflation advertising (six fat blocks and two individual spots) annoys fans. But of course it will continue to work. Word show business already includes: business.

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