“Masked singer”: “Musically a coffin” – and the unicorn goes swimming

"Masked singer": "Musically a coffin" - and the unicorn goes swimming

“Masked Singer”
“Musically a coffin” – and the unicorn is going to swim

Watch the video: These women create wide dresses for the “Masked Singer”.

Muhdorf Arm Inn – This is where they are made, showing the rated show’s imaginative costumes “The Masked Singer”. Mohdorf Arm Inn in Upper Bavaria, costume designer Alexandra Brandner and Viennese mask maker Marion Main work for costumes for the singing stars. O-Tone Marion Main “We make things possible and actually implement everything that is presented to us. This is where they ask us when others do not know what to do next. Then you come to us. Three meter tall figures, fantasy creations, animal figures – the wearer can breathe, see, and sing like a “masked singer”: the challenges are enormous. Sometimes women make their own materials to be able to implement very complex ideas. In June, she received a German Television Award for Best Entertainment Equipment for her work. For the brand‌nner, two garments in particular stand out: O-tone Alexandra Brandoner “The highlight is definitely the skeleton, because it is a heavier garment that is lighter than a feather. Or the hippopotamus who got an incredibly attractive face from Mrs. Mind. I can not help myself when I see it, I should always get this face blow. “Both already have next season’s” Masked Singer “in mind, which will begin in the spring of 2021.

And more

The second episode of the Musical Impersonation Review: Smudo sneaks into the stage as a guest judge, Ruth Moshner fights with tears, and Rhea demonstrates visionary qualities.

From Ingosheel

After a pig-like expulsion from last week, when Kathryn Mുള്ളller-Hohenstein had to hop on the premiere again, the beginning of the second show, if you want to say it harshly, began to sing right there again: the chicken, Veronica-Ferrous mode set with Vortex, demanded. The “jungle drum”, originally equipped with a subtle pathological cute factor already in place, quickly turned into the egg of a ringing beak. Ruth Moshner aptly says: It’s about entertainment. In vain. Drum. Jungle drum.

Smudo on the verge of sleep phase 1

This time Smudo from Fantastic Weir was the guest of honor at the double ceremony. As a guest judge on the one hand, he moved the ad drum for “The Voice Kids” on the other. The veteran elder who starred in the show calmly faced the occasional over-excitement at the table with the calmness of the Statesmen, giving balanced essays and at times changing his mind. Although at the end of the show he was reminded of a showmaster who looked like the politician he had imagined in a kwoka costume: Thomas Gotzchack. Resting happily on the border to stage 1 sleeping behind narrowed eyes, but still cautious and good for a vault.

At the end of the nine-member field, between the baby and Kwoka – the future winner (we can say), the female leopard – a mixture of vocal laboratory, confident swag and gentle medium. Elton John’s “Still Standing” tortoise was cleverly replaced by a wolf, which suspects the names Hensler and Lifers-Bros. This mix of “Rats and Rob” (Matthias Oppenheimer) Monstronot, if anyone still knows, was convincingly tried by the killers and reminded Ruth Moshner about the fair, “Shis Why a Roller Coaster”, and so on.

Once upon a time, in Miss Moshner Flamingo “touched so much”, it seemed like “all spice girls at once” in the version of “2 be 1”. Here is the most dubious raffle on the drum with Giovanni Sarella, Ross Anthony, Brigitte Nielsen, Gitte Henning and George Prius. You can literally hear Bullett Ceylon laughing from a distance. “You Can’t Have More Teeth Than Stephen Robbins” was the motto of the dinosaur who used James Browne’s “I Feel Good” to present well-chewed objects for decades. Rhea then showed her soft side unicorn, “Cupcake on two legs,” under which he sings “sincerely, not professionally, but from the heart”, and nails with consideration, but something of the horn, sorry, hit the head: Francisco van Almsi in this dress Can be.

Unicorn Francie van Almsik

Before being allowed to drop the horn that wanted to be struck by the Sumo, the Bull Queens leaped non-stop through “Don’t Stop Me Now”, shattering the Kwoka Nirvana classic “Come Us You”, so Rhea flew and was brutally turned into a musical coffin. However, it was the advisory support from the Irish neighbors that persuaded him that his local delicacy dealer, Lucas Ralph Mller, might be in the hair. We record in the same folder where the author of these lines dares to make an entry with the view of the star in the bull’s dress: Football -> Film -> “Every Destructive Sunday” -> So in fact only Stephen can always be Mross on Sundays.

And so, with her last “survival” version, the female leopard raised the water level in Ruth Moshner’s eyes. In the last earthquake, Kwoka and the chicken were allowed to breathe a sigh before the last unicorn unleashed itself, and Francie van Almsik rose from the bottom. The sympathetic swimming legend from time to time knew how to honestly and confidently share her qualities: “I usually sing in the shower or drink a lot”. In this sense: Prosit! See you next week.

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