Mary Robinson: “Pandemic women are very much affected”

Mary Robinson: "Pandemic women are very much affected"

Former Ireland President and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson is currently chairing the group. The Elders, founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela It brings together independent global leaders to work together for peace and human rights.

Euro News: “It’s been more than a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, and the world and Europe are practically in crisis. What is widening the gap between pandemic countries, population and class? The long – term impact of pandemic?

Mary Robinson, Group President Elders: “This is very worrying. Our team talks a lot about Kovid 19 and racial and gender inequalities and the increasing marginalization of people with disabilities, migrants and refugees. Recovery is difficult because there is a climate crisis along with the Kovid 19 crisis. Therefore, post-pandemic recovery should be adjusted with the need to reduce CO2 emissions. We are at the beginning of a very complex decade. Inequalities are very real and people suffer a lot. Women, in particular, have been severely affected by the crisis. “

Euro News: “Studies show that women have taken over most of the jobs of caregivers, especially children, by 2021. Women in Europe earn 14% less than men on average, and there are huge differences between member states. Why is it so important to address this issue as soon as possible?”

Mary Robinson: “It is important that the UN, especially UN women, address what they call‘ generational equality ’. This year marks the 25th anniversary Beijing Program For women’s autonomy. Actually, it was last year, but the celebration is this year. In the health sector, in family care, even in cleaning hospitals, women’s work in low-paying jobs is recognized because they are now more valued because they have not opened up spaces. But unemployment among women increased further as they worked in areas such as hospitality and commerce, particularly those affected by Kovid. At the time of the epidemic, the work of caregivers was taken over by women. Many women have had to quit their jobs because their children are at home, taking distance classes or caring for elderly family members. “

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Euro News: “Do you think this pandemic will serve as a warning to Europe? As a continent, we are getting older and we need to be ready for the next pandemic or 2060. We will have robots back then, but robots are not going to pay taxes, are they? “

Mary Robinson: “The elders are well aware of this fact. One of our members, Gro Harlem Brundland, was the chairman of a committee that warned of an epidemic in September before it began. According to that committee, there may be more pandemics. I do not like the idea of ​​’rebuilding in the best possible way’ because we do not want to go back to the unequal world we had before.

Euro News: “There is another theme that has divided the European continent for years: the problem of migration management. She is known as a human rights activist. Should Europe deal with the immigration problem better?

Mary Robinson: “We need a more just system in Europe. We must not allow the Mediterranean countries, especially Italy and Greece, to carry disproportionate burdens. Not right. That reality has been going on for a long time. Migration should be handled more reasonably. Immigrants who leave their countries because of danger are entrepreneurs. They are courageous and build communities wherever they go. This is our experience. “

Euro News: “Pictures of camps in Bosnia will embarrass Europe and European politicians. Do you agree?”

Mary Robinson: “I think we should do better. In Ireland, we have enacted a law on immigration, and we want to make legislative reforms in that area because we recognize that a country is divided by the way it deals with prisoners and people going in. Another country to escape conflict or persecution on social justice issues.” We need to focus on making social security systems more comprehensive in Europe and beyond.

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Euro News: “You are a peace activist. Are you currently concerned about Anglo-Irish relations and the weakness of the Good Friday Peace Accord?”

Mary Robinson: “As you can understand, this is a topic I can not talk about. As a former President of Ireland, I generally want to stay out of politics, but I am passionate about this process. But I do not want to say anything because things are a little tense these days. That’s not a good thing.”

Euro News: “In Brussels, there was an uproar this week among those trying to work in the climate zone because John Kerry was here, promising to help the European Union achieve the ambitious goals of the European Environmental Pact.

Mary Robinson: “We have two areas of activity this year: the Convention on Climate Biodiversity in China and the Climate Conference, two events that were postponed last year. All countries, all companies, investment groups and communities need to be self-committed to the 2050 initiative and prepare a step-by-step plan to achieve that.” “If we take into account all that we know about the promises made by countries, we will not have a secure desire.”

Euro News : “He’s had a long career for decades, and it always involves some accidents. In his case, when I met Princess Latifa in Dubai in 2018, I know he talked a lot about this issue. Over the next few weeks, she admitted that she was honest and sincere about Princess Latifa’s case. Do you think you missed the opportunity to argue more publicly?

Mary Robinson: “I think it is important to support the High Commissioner for Human Rights, who has demanded proof of life, and to go further and secure the release of not only Latifa but also her sister,” he said. This is the central issue. “

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