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Marvin Hume and his wife Rochelle proudly introduce their newborn baby

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Congratulations to the JLS member and wife Rochelle Hume for welcoming the couple to the growing family.

Marvin And Rochelle Humes After welcoming son Blake into the world on Friday (09 October 20) they are now the parents of three.

The newcomer arrived at his main entrance at 8.44am, weighing 8lbs 2oz at birth. Rochelle’s colleagues announce Blake’s arrival at British talk show “Monday morningThe 31-year-old singer said, “He’s a real joy, he’s already done well … Marvin has serious competition. ”

Moments later, Rochelle shared pictures of her newborn on her Instagram page, “Blake Hampton Humes. At 8.44am on Friday, our baby came to flip the switch in 2020. I never thought I would fall in love with someone else but this man stole my whole heart, and we’ve been in love ever since.”

Marvin, 35, shared the same pictures of Blake on his Instagram as he celebrated his son’s arrival.

“My son! My son !!! Sounds like a very strange and wonderful sentence,” he wrote. “Blake Hampton Humes, who weighed 8 pounds 2 cases, was born on Friday. Rochelle is a superwoman.

J.L.S. Star Marvin, ex Saturdays Singer Rochelle is already the parents of seven-year-old Alaya-ma and three-year-old Valentina.

Marvin’s bandmate Aston Marigold The couple was quick to applaud. “The prince has arrived,” he commented in Marvin’s post, adding that Rochelle’s “beautiful baby !!!!!!! Welcome to Little Blake in the world.”

Small mixOf Lee-an backwards “Congratulations Beauty” greetings were also sent.

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