Martin Parr. We love sports

Martin Parr. We love Sports

Seating: Camera (Turin) by the Italian Center for Photography.
Care: Walter Guadagne.

“Martin Parr. We love sports, curated by Walter Guadagnini in collaboration with Monica Poggie “, the English writer who was a member of the Magnum Photos (born 1952) with over 150 paintings submitted for various sporting events, focusing on thematic focus and taking the Lavas Group to the most important tennis tournaments in recent times.

The careful commentator of the present, from the very beginning, has created images that have become real icons of our time, depicting par contemporary society through ruthlessness and humorous irony. Through the sharp color contrasts that characterize his style, he reveals the strange and unknowingly humorous aspects of an increasingly consumer, globalized world.

“Sport is the recurring theme of Parvin’s long career: the stimulus of the most diverse emotions, the uniform of the fans and spectators, the choreography and the traditions of the photographers, the authoritative heroes of this collective tradition,” said Walter Guadagne, director of the chamber.

Career The exhibition tour begins with a series of black and white photographs taken by an English photographer in the early years of his career, mostly published in one of his first volumes, A Fair Day (1984), where it depends on their attitude, from horse racing on Irish beaches to tai chi on the streets of Shanghai and most differently trained people. Would like If one can already notice Par’s writing ability in this first room, which is able to integrate the analysis of social customs with strong focus on the formal presentation of gestures and movements, it starts with the pictures of the second room. It has been approved for that. Dedicated to sports supporters through kitsch gadgets, weird costumes of mascots, and tactical tactics of those trying to watch matches from a particular position. Reminiscent of the famous 1937 film starring the Marx brothers, the third room, A Day at the Races, tells of the special atmosphere of horse racing, where Par submitted several shots and filmed the costumes and attitudes of this favorite pastime. . The title Room Four is inspired by the film, especially based on Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name, Fever Pitch (90 Italian February), and the film’s hero’s uncontrollable passion for sharing endless joy on the part of football fans.
Rooms five and six are fully dedicated to recent tennis work. The artist has competed in four Grand Slam tournaments since 2014 (the Australian Open in Melbourne; the French Open in Paris, also known as Roland Garros; the Wimbledon tournament in London; the US Open in New York). And playground. With 40 landscapes presented through a landscape setting that takes visitors to the heart of the competition, this section is designed to be the most thematic thematic focus of the entire exhibition, integrating various aspects of Par’s poetry.
The corridor of the exhibition space is filmed for various sports from around the world, and finally, with a selection focusing on beach life, various hobbies now come together with the rest they deserve.

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Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition will be the release of a book titled Match Point, published by Fiden, and a book containing more than 80 photographs dedicated to the world of tennis.

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