Martin Parr We love sports: the unavoidable show in Turin

Martin Parr We love sports: the unavoidable show in Turin

Camera – Italian Photography Center From Torino Performing “Martin Parr. We Sports”.

Of pictures Martin Parr For a great autumn show coming together Photography and sports On a vast and paradoxical journey through the shots of the sheer myth of contemporary photography.

Bristol, England, 1995-99 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

Martin Parr and Sports at the Show in Turin

Exhibition, curated Walter Guadagnini Created by Monica Poggio in association with Gruppo Lavasa and Magnum Photos, which traces the career of the best English writer. 150 pictures. All photos submitted Lots of sports events, Thematic focus on shots taken during the most important tennis tournaments of recent years.

A careful commentator on the present, Par portrays contemporary society from the beginning with ruthless and interesting paradoxes. Creates images that have become real icons of our time.

Through sharp color contrasts depicting his style, he revealed the strange and unknowingly humorous aspects of an increasingly consumer, globalized world.

Sportswear is a recurring theme in Parr’s long career: it is the stimulus of the most diverse emotions, the photographer tells us through the uniforms, choreographies and traditions of the fans and spectators who are the authoritative heroes of this collective tradition.“Highlights Walter Guadagnini, Director of the Chamber.

Clean Sheedeg Switzerland 1994 Martin Par Magnum Photos
Clean Schiedg, Switzerland, 1994 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

What sports spectators do

This is a sign of Martin Parr’s ability to collect the contradictions of England in the Thatcher era, along a path that begins with a selection of black and white works. The exhibition focuses on the attitudes of people who intend to observe and train the most diverse topics in all parts of the world., From horse racing on Irish beaches to Tai Chi on the streets of Shanghai.

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However, Par marries amateur aesthetics by choosing color as a distinctive element of his poetry that has been in use since the mid-1980s. Funny game of criticism, Knows that he is part of the society he portrays with ruthless cynicism.

By utilizing Strange attitude and taste for kitsch The peculiarity of immortalized subjects is that the author rejects the detached and arrogant look. Instead, it moves in favor of a language that can be easily understood by anyone, and for this reason, is more capable of revealing something about our present.

The portraits are more of a relaxing moment than the actual performance in these films Athletes become a cause of action and circumstance with their own rules and unified dynamics.

Para’s focus is mainly on I’m Typhosi, Along with their choreography, used flashing gadgets to show their faith in a goliardic way, I Strange roles And the cunning tactics of those seeking to observe competition from a particular position.

July Horse Racing Durban South Africa 2005 Martin Par Magnum Pictures
July Horse Racing, Durban, South Africa, 2005 © Martin Parr / Magnum Pictures

Tennis, Horse Racing, Soccer, Beach Life

But that too Elegant dresses with obscure snowblower flavor Participants in the horse race mentioned in the section entitled A day in the races, Reminiscent of the famous 1937 Marquez brothers’ playground, one of the British’s favorite pastimes.

And the section submitted with it Football Inspired by the movie, in particular Fever pitch (In Italian) Fever at 90 degrees), Based on Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name, which we find in its plot shots Unbridled joy Fans who share the same unrelenting passion of the protagonist in the film presented by Colin Firth.

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However, the most focused sport is sports Tennis, With films produced by Parr, who has competed in four Grand Slam tournaments since 2014 (the Australian Open in Melbourne; the French Open in Paris known as Roland Garros; the Wimbledon tournament in London; the US Open in New York).

40 photographs in this category and a theatrical setting capable of taking visitors to the heart of the competition Dynamics that activate stands and playgrounds, Fully summarizes the various aspects of Parr’s research.

Roland-Garros Paris France 2016
Roland-Garros, Paris, France, 2016 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

In these shots, in the latest in the exhibition, we can see the author’s ability to adapt to changes in amateur aesthetics, which is inevitably possible over the years thanks to numerous technological inventions.

His gaze did not come out distorted, and his latest images lost the saturation of the analog snapshot. The shots are more complex, clear and rich in elements, A quick general aspect of photography.

Parr’s ability to deliver a unique overview of life inside and outside the pitch, from the most heartfelt to the most hilarious, with brilliant shots unchanged.

Thought A filter of satire Inspired by Parr’s poems, the exhibition concludes with a fully dedicated section Beach life, Various hobbies are now mixed with deserving rest.

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