Mars, stop, this is no longer a joke!

Survivor Διαρροή spoiler Στατιστικά 14/6: Ενημέρωση για τα στατιστικά των παικτών στο απόλυτο ριάλιτι επιβίωσης

Survivor Spoiler Leak Statistics 14/6: Player Statistics Update on Ultimate Survival Reality Show

Survivor Spoiler Leak Statistics 14/6: The Survivor Remains attractive, and player statistics also play a role in this.

Now, on to his reality show The sky Things are starting to calm down. It’s six o’clock in the morning, and it’s not too late to see the last four.

Until then, one thing is for sure: o. Aris Soyladis Invincible. From whom! His statistics are close. He is a slave to success Testify to it in every race.

He did not joke.

Even if he goes … tomorrow, the best performance in Survivor’s history.

77% is a frightening number, which Zakis Katsoulis and Danos have not even reached.

The top belongs to him because the equally powerful Stavroola is unable to catch him.

They both fought in the 1st Immunity as well.

After that, everyone else from Nikos Giannis to Statis are fighting for the top five.

Asimina is the worst player in the latest statistics (we do not include Martica in the equation). Free Fall has been going on for a long time.

Survivor Spoiler Leak Statistics 14/6: List of Statistics

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