Mars renamed ‘Uncle Benz’, eliminating racial stereotypes

Mars renamed 'Uncle Benz', eliminating racial stereotypes
Uncle Ben will be known as the ‘Benz Original’. – AFP Image

New York, September 24 – Mars announces the renaming of “Uncle Benn” rice following long-standing criticism of its use of racist stereotypes by African Americans.

The rice product marketed with the image of the smiling old black man will be renamed “Benz Original” and will leave the character of “creating a more sophisticated iconography”.

“We are not only changing our name and image on the package, but are also taking steps to increase inclusion and equity,” the company added on its website.

The company announced on Tuesday that it was reviewing the product in June in the wake of racial justice protests following the assassination of George Android. Jim Crowe, a black servant, criticized the “Uncle Benz” brand, which had been in use since 1946, for using the trope.

Other companies are upgrading their products with criminal imagery. PepsiCo plans to change its “anti-Jemima” pancake mix.

The national football team in Washington dropped the name “Redskins”, but did not choose a new moniker.

In addition to renaming the rice product, Mars announced that it is forming a partnership with the National Urban League to support black chefs and will invest in schools and deliver new foods in Greenville, Mississippi, produced by Uncle Benz.

In addition to the company’s commitment to improving start-ups and racial equality, the company’s increased manpower, leadership and talent pipeline to make the most of the cost, especially among suppliers, ”said Mars. – AFP-Relax News

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