Mars Recognition Orbiter Shocking image of IC Sand Dunes on Mars

Mars Recognition Orbiter Shocking image of IC Sand Dunes on Mars

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Do you know where the photo is? That .. anything .. Do you think something was taken in the desert .. No .. This is not a photo taken in the desert or any of the surrounding countries. This is a photo taken on Mars (Mars), millions of kilometers away from us. This is a photo taken by the Mars Orbiter satellite orbiting Mars. The sand dunes of a large crater on Mars were captured using a high-resolution camera mounted on the Mars Orbiter.

Is our earth only in the solar system .. Can man live on another planet .. These are the questions asked by many astronomers. This is of interest not only to scientists but also to the general public. That’s why scientists are focusing on Mars, which somehow resembles Earth. Many countries, including the US space agency NASA, have sent satellites and orbits to Mars.

NASA ‘Mars Orbiter’ reveals many secrets related to Mars The latest photos were sent in this order. Scientists who analyzed the photos found that ice was forming on Mars and occasionally melting and flowing. Hence the conclusion that canal-like structures were formed.

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Could this be the first city on Mars ..!

NASA Reveals Interesting Facts About Mars …!

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