Mars, Jupiter and three other planets will appear this November; Here’s how to see them without binoculars

This November, Five Planets Will Be Visible; Here

Five planets, including Mars, will appear in the night sky this November. This event will turn into another beautiful space event that everyone is definitely looking forward to.

(Photo: ESO photo via Getty Images)
This artist’s impression, given by the ESO (European Southern Observatory) on April 25, 2007, shows a picture of Glycy 581, the planet around the red dwarf, which astronomers believe is the largest planet ever found outside our solar system. Astronomers use Chile’s ESO 3.6-m telescope to find a planet floating on the surface. The planet orbits Glycy 581, a faint star 20.5 light-years away in the Libra constellation.

Earth Sky Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are reported to be approaching in the evening and at night. The remaining two, Venus and Mars, will appear in the early morning.

They are found near the star Pica in the constellation Virgo. Scientists say these “bright” planets can be seen with the naked eye.
Ancient people have seen them as guides since ancient times.

What will they look like?

Unlike the animated film “Hercules”, these five bright planets are not perfectly aligned. They will be scattered in the night sky.

Five planets will appear this November;  Here's how to see them with just your naked eyes!

(Photo: Photo file by NASA / JPL-Caltech / T. Getty Images)
In this hand-out digital image released by NASA on September 15, 2011, the newly discovered gas planet Kepler-16b orbits its two stars. NASA’s Kepler mission discovered a world orbiting two stars, the big K dwarf and the small red dwarf.

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The major planets are Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and the lowest are Mercury and Venus. The brightest planets orbit the Sun outside of Earth’s orbit, and the remaining two planets orbit the Sun within Earth’s orbit.

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How to see the five planets

Accordingly Life hackerAccording to the latest report, people should not be too late to see all five planets. They can be viewed without the use of binoculars or telescopes.

All they need to do is open their eyes and use it. In the evening, the brightest planet you see on the eastern side of the sky is Mars.

Jupiter will be the brightest in the western part of the sky. You can use the Red Giant to search for Saturn, which is about five degrees away from Jupiter.
At dawn, Venus will be the brightest of them all. You can use this planet to find Mercury, which appears an hour or more before sunrise.

Even if they are visible, you can still use any tool that can give you the best angle. You can use the camera to capture a special event.

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