Mars is busy – see where our rovers and satellites are everywhere

Mars is busy - see where our rovers and satellites are everywhere

Whether there is life on Mars is still a relevant question for scientists. But if he hadn’t been there before, thanks to humanity, he’s already, at least in a robotic form. NASA’s official website shows how busy the real red planet is and where all the rovers and satellites are currently. Persiho.

Although Mars is currently about 392,208,000 kilometers from us, this does not prevent it from being in constant contact with scientists. This relationship between Mars and Earth is maintained by a transmission network called the Mars Relay Network, which contains several satellites, thanks to which we can “live” monitor the movements of all Mars explorers.

This location data is not secret and is quite the opposite. NASA has provided its own live map of the current movement of satellites and Martian rovers Mars Now’s official websiteDefinitely worth a visit.


As soon as the page opens, you can see that Mars is currently orbiting several moons on each side. These are mostly satellites that study the surface and atmosphere of Mars, but they are part of the Mars Relay Network mentioned above.

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In live visualization, for example, the European Space Agency’s Trace Gas Orbiter satellite, which explores the gases on Mars, communicates with the latest Martian rover perseverance every time it flies.


Of course, the visualization of the motion of all human instruments on the surface and atmosphere of Mars on this website is not 100% “live”. However, NASA works here by mimicking real data, for example, showing a list of past, last, and future flights of satellites by rovers, where you can practically navigate through time and see what a particular flight looks like on the second. Week of September.

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