Mark da own Ni from Sportbrace: “I love riding in Brittany, it reminds me of Ireland”

Mark da own Ni from Sportbrace: "I love riding in Brittany, it reminds me of Ireland"

One of the hopefuls for the Olympic medal in Ireland is Irish athlete Mark de Ownini (Cruz Oxigen Guerrero) (24). A World Cup winner in point competition, two runners-up in the World Cup, and a bronze medalist at the 2019 World Championships, the Irishman is training the road to Tokyo to make some money.

The best sprinter has arrived from Ireland to start today at Sportbridge (3-day stage race) in Finster. He hopes to play his luck in the final round to bring back Joan David, DS of the La Cruise Oxygen team.

Mark Da own: “I should not be sporty, because I usually have to compete at the European Track Championships in Minsk, Belarus. Test canceled, here I am in Finister. I approach the competition with confidence because I am well prepared for the track. I have good legs and slab. ”

Goals on Sportbrace?

“I look further into the third and final phase, which will benefit the sprinters. The first is very difficult for runners like me who finished at St. Michael de Brassparts, I know it’s getting tough (laughs). This stage is especially for general players.

Tomorrow’s stage is filled with gravel areas. I like it, it can do it, but you do not know what to expect in this kind of profile. So I aim for a podium at 3 p.m. I have a good team at Cruise Oxygen Guerrero to take me there. ”

The Olympics?

“Elections are usually official next week. The Olympics are my number one goal. I know I can play for a medal, I have the form and the desire, and I have trained hard for that. For Ireland and my team in France, I will do everything I can to give them back pleasure. ”

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2020 is a difficult year for trackers too

“Yes, like truck drivers. We had no real experiments and we didn’t really know where we were. 2021 is also complicated. So before the Olympics we were a little dark. Especially since we train abroad in Irish, we have no track in Ireland and it was difficult with the epidemic, but I remain very motivated. ”

Ireland and Brittany

“The landscapes are very similar, especially in Finister. I have always loved riding here, and it reminds me of the competitions on my island. People are fans of cycling and there is always a fun crowd to support us, which is a lot of fun. Ireland and Brittany have a lot in common, so it’s fun to be here on SportBrace to start my road season. ”

Top photo by Toby Watson

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