Mario Draghi mocks Britain about life outside the EU: “down competition by norms” | Politics

Mario Draghi mocks Britain about life outside the EU: "down competition by norms" |  Politics

Britain left the European trading block last year, reducing the number of member states to 27. Draghi was sworn in as Italy’s new prime minister in February this year as the UK still struggles with life outside the European Union. In his first days as president, the former head of the European Central Bank (ECB) promised his country a number of reforms. He vowed to make every effort to resolve the Covid-19 crisis that devastated Italy in early 2020.

Draghi told lawmakers that his administration supports the idea of ​​a “growing integrated European Union”.

With the support of the Prime Minister’s European Union, he remains the head of the European Central Bank, a 19 – nation money bloc, for eight years.

However, recent re-emergence from Draghi’s presidency as ECB president shows how the EU’s faith has been used to criticize Brexit.

In a 2019 speech at the University of Bologna, Draghi suggested that EU member states relinquish their sovereignty.

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He said the goal of the European Union was to ensure that globalization was not a downward spiral in terms of standards.

He said: “The European Union … allows countries to achieve goals that they cannot achieve on their own. The European Union can export some of its standards globally.

“Cooperation at the EU level enhances their capabilities.”

In addition to the UK, Draghi’s comments may be aimed at the Italian anti-EU alliance of the Five Star Movement and Lega.

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Political parties came to power in 2018, making it the largest bloc in the Italian parliament.

“The main risk from all angles, especially from the perspective of economic stability, is the recession in the economy … be it global or the eurozone.”

After taking office, the Prime Minister echoed the Brexit expressed by EU leaders, including post-Brexit French President Emmanuel Macron.

At this summer’s G7 summit in Cornwall, Draghi was embroiled in ongoing tensions between Britain and the European Union.

The bloc alleged that Britain was not joining the treaties, including the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Britain has complained that Brussels is trying to implement a post-Brexit trade protocol with Northern Ireland, which is very strict.

In a similar tone to Macron, Draghi told a G7 press conference that “contracts are agreements and must be respected.”

He added: “There is no impression of great cooperation, but it is very difficult for the UK. As they say, it has to do with the integrity of the UK.”

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