Marevivo “Sun, Wind and Sea” Award to Salina Island:

Marevivo "Sun, Wind and Sea" Award to Salina Island:


Initiatives for sustainability

International Award for 2021 “Sun, Wind and Sea: Renewable Energy in Juveniles and Marine Protected Areas of Ecological Transformation” sponsored by Marevivo Ministry of Environmental Transformation And 2019 in collaboration with ANCIM-National Association of Municipalities Minor Islands and Salina EU Pilot Island.

The prize is part of the project “Salina Isola Pilot 2019” The European Union’s European Secretariat for Energy Conversion is promoting the project “Clean Energy for the European Islands” by 2030. This year brings together all the 20 programs that are dedicated to the fight against climate change in Italy, the 20-year-old, all-in-21 program.

The aim is to select exemplary projects that can stimulate a programmatic approach to include and sensitize island communities in practice energy planning choices.
.The jury selected the winners according to the recurring components of the licensed systems in the design, implementation and operation of the power systems. Winners: For the A and B Awards, the jury was chaired by Rosalba Giugni, chaired by President Marevivo and included the following:
Alessandra Todd – Deputy Minister of Economic Development; Laura de April – Head of Department of the Ministry of Environmental Transformation; Livio de Santoli – President of the Selection Committee, Vice-Rector of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”;
Alfonso Pecorro Scanio – President of the University Foundation; Ermet Realiachi – President of the Symbol Foundation; Edo Ronchi – President of the Sustainable Development Foundation; Francesco Capello – Promoter Salina Isola Pilota 2019.
A Prize for Outstanding Sustainable Energy System for Bonhome Island and Tilos Island, Denmark In Greece.

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The B prize for the best sustainable energy system with a special focus on the environment and landscape goes to the island of Samsey in Denmark.
Aaron Island, Ireland received the ANCIM (National Association of Municipality of Minor Islands) Award, recognizing the important role of resident communities in shaping local sustainable development projects with the participation of the population as the best energy power system. The jury for the ANCIM award includes mayors Giglio, Ventotine, Lenny, Malfa and Santa Marina Salina.
A special award was given to a very small number of local communities in the Canna Islands of Scotland and Palawan in the Philippines.

“Marevivo has been dealing with energy and energy conversion since 2008 because it is the first victim of marine climate change due to the warming and acidification of its water, which represents the best regulator of our planet’s climate. – Dice Rosalba Giugni, President of Marevivo There is no doubt that the roadmap before us is developing an extensive network of clean and renewable energy generation, including communities of men and women who are aware of the only possible future. The Marevivo project is moving in this direction, improving the islands that have already been transformed, and representing the energy-intensive solutions that Salina Isol Pilot is now offering – from the ninth Report Fossil Fuel. Agency) says there is no energy from renewable sources.

In the selection work for this ‘Sun, Wind and Sea’ Award – Monitoring Livio de Santoli, President of the Selection Committee, Vice-Rector of the University of Rome La SapienzaIt emerged as a clear fact that the geographical location and size of the islands were not decisive factors in the planning and implementation of projects, but rather the will and sensitivity of long-term investment in the public good played a fundamental role. Involvement of local communities. The future of Energy Energy should be the basic concept of its sustainability, which is an integrated transdisciplinary approach, in which energy, environment, economy and society should be considered in comparison to the issues affected by change.

Improving the local characteristics of the islands is a strategic goal of the Italian government. We recall the investments and activities presented in this sense in the National Recovery and Reliance Plan – He comments Laura de April, Head of Department Al. For environmental transformation and green investment Ministry of Environmental Transformation In fact, a special program has been conceived with the aim of promoting the sustainability of the islands everywhere as green islands, complementing each other by integrating aspects related to energy, waste management, water service and dynamics.

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