mareTV Classics – Islands | – Television – Program

mareTV Classics - Islands | - Television - Program

Mare TV reports on French Polynesia, the North and Baltic seas, and the islands of Sweden, Ireland and the Atlantic.

What is left of the myth?

Tahiti: Great explorers such as the Frenchman Bougainville and the Englishman James Cook described endless hospitality, carefree living and free love. Paul Gogin painted the Tahitian dream in oil, and Marlon Brando discovered his love for the island during the filming of “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Today Tahiti: What is left of the myth?

Hollywood in Hollywood

No bread rolls or newspapers, nothing would work on the East Frisian Islands and North Frisia Islands without island pilots. Even the film comes from the air, regardless of the flow of the tide. The horse-drawn carriage is already waiting for Justin to arrive at the Film Can. The next day the film flies to the next island: Hollywood on the Hall of Fame.

Der “King of the Tories”

There is even a king on the coast of Ireland on Tory Island: Patsy Dan Rogers. Its 162 islanders coveted the monarchy and gave their mayor the title of “King of the Tories”. The coronation ceremony with whiskey and ginseng is still memorable. After that, the small island defied the government in Dublin.

No roads and no traffic noise

About 24,000 islands and islands are evolving from Stockholm into a giant archipelago. 5,000 Swedes live here permanently without roads and traffic noise. Even the dentist should take the boat to the patient. Life on this archipelago is romantic, but sometimes very difficult.

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The barren beauty of the Atlantic region

Cape Verde is the barren beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Actors such as Cesarea Overa made Cape Verde’s melancholy music known around the world. In the impoverished island state inhabited by the descendants of former slaves, there are clubs on every street corner where Morna sings, Cape Verdean Blues: songs full of passion for the island and homework.

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