March editions of the UEM’s scientific propaganda platform are dedicated to women

March editions of the UEM's scientific propaganda platform are dedicated to women

A special content from the platform will be broadcast from this Thursday (3) Science Connection – C². There will be four weekly publications celebrating Women’s Month.

Connection Science is a dream come true to promote scientific promotion at the State University of Maringa (UEM), and has become a reality through the partnership between the PEC (Pro-Rector of Extension and Culture) and the Superintendent of Science, Technology and Higher Education. (Sethi). After seven months of reporting, the platform re-launched in January 2021 with a new layout.

Scientific propaganda is a set of activities aimed at disseminating the knowledge produced by science, using the most diverse strategies, in a way that is accessible to the general public. C²’s proposal is to create multimedia materials and organize discussions and debates on various topics that mobilize the community.

March – 15 women working at the State University of Maringa (UEM) were selected to talk about their careers and performances during the Pandemic period. This will happen this month as we celebrate Women’s Day – March 8th.

“Like millions of people around the world, this is a way for us to find a way to talk about women scientists and women who have to beat the table to overcome prejudice and gender discrimination,” said Pro-Dean of Extension and Culture. At UEM, Deborah de Mello Gonzalez Santana is C ജനറൽ’s general coordinator.

The C² team decided that the names should not be revealed in advance in order to create expectations among the readers. The books are being produced by a series called Scientia – Feminino Name, written by journalists who are part of the PEC Scholarship.

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In addition, a group of interns from the pro-rector produced the podcasts for students in the Communication and Multimedia course. Donas da Ciancia named this series of audio equipment that brings the voices of women scientists and staff at UEM.

“The idea is that these first podcasts are the embryo of a huge, endless female body of science, not just at UEM, but at all public universities in Parana,” said the project’s executive coordinator, journalist and consultant. PEC, Ana Paula Machado Velho. State and Federal Governments “.

The platform’s home art was designed by a C² team of painters and collaborators as part of a UEM design course located on the Cyanort campus, supervised by Communication and Multimedia Professor Diego Lucena. Science – Feminine Name Issue is now live.


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