MAP. Belgium in the middle of the European vaccination campaign

MAP.  Belgium in the middle of the European vaccination campaign

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We should have allowed Denmark and Iceland to come first, but they are doing better than the Netherlands and Italy. Belgium ranks 11th in the European rankings with 3.8 percent vaccination (using the first dose).

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The distribution key used by the European Union to issue vaccines to each member state is based on the population of the European member states. Vaccination coverage indicates how effective immunizations are in each member state. Currently, the island of Malta is performing better than any other country. It has already successfully vaccinated 7.6 percent of people.

Malta is followed by Slovakia, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Norway with vaccinations ranging from 4 to 4.5 percent. Next, our country is on par with Sweden and France (3.8 percent). It is followed by the European Health Commissioner’s home country of Cyprus, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and Lithuania.

Like Slovenia, Portugal, which significantly affects the British variant, gains 3.4 percent. Germany is only 20th. 3.3 percent of the German population has already received the first vaccination. The Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy also seem to be struggling to get started, but Croatia, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria are behind.


How do member states relate to other parts of the world? Not so good. According to our world runner-up, the United Arab Emirates has vaccinated 71.2 percent of the 48.5 percent of the population. According to the data website, the United Kingdom already has 20.7 percent. In the United States – when President Joe Biden strongly criticized Trump’s immunization policy and indicated he wanted to go more than one gear – about 14 percent of the population has already been vaccinated.

China and Russia are racing neck and neck, drawing closer to the European Union. 2.8 and 2.9 per cent of the population were vaccinated, respectively. The vaccination rate worldwide is said to be two percent.

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