Maori MP expelled from New Zealand’s parliament after hawk dance The world

Maori MP expelled from New Zealand's parliament after hawk dance  The world

A local deputy New Zealand He was expelled from the Debate Chamber of Parliament on Wednesday (12) for dancing by Maori Haq in protest of what he called racist arguments.

The protest comes after lawmakers discussed ongoing plans by the government to form a new Maori Health Authority as part of a radical change in the healthcare system.

Some conservative lawmakers said the plan was conservative. Whitty, a co-leader of the Maori party, said the arguments were racist.

He told lawmakers in the White House that he was forced to listen to “the constant flow of insults” directed at locals.

If such an attitude is acceptable, he said, “Then I see this church as insulting.”

Speaker Trevor Mallard told Whitey to sit down, and instead he introduced the hack, accompanied by traditional dance or challenge singing.

“Order. The member will now leave the chamber,” Mallard told Whitty, who did so along with another co-leader of his party, Debbie Engreva-Packer.

This is not the first time Vity has clashed with Mallard. In February, he won the fight against tie-wearing in Parliament, ending the old-fashioned dress requirement for men and calling it a “colonial tie.”

In a video taken from a video on February 9, Maori party co-leader Ravi Vity speaks in Wellington, New Zealand.

During that dispute, Mallard expelled Whitey from the Debate Chamber Vity appeared wearing a traditional pendant called a hi tiki around his neck.

But Mallard stepped down the next day after a committee of lawmakers spoke in favor of ending the requirement, saying the relationship was no longer mandatory.

But not all legislators support Whitey’s current position.

After Whitey leaves, Labor Deputy Kelvin Davis points to the party’s relatively small support center.

“Never assume that a party with 1.2% of the vote really represents the views of the majority,” Davis told lawmakers.

Traditional People in the Parliament of New Zealand – Photo: G1

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