Maori cheeses start at ‘Bloomsday’ in UR Ireland

Dublin (IRL) – The Maori Formaggi brand, in this case one of the most popular products of the Valsasino company. Bondasola, Was noted in the context of the Onam celebrations held in Dublin Blooms Day.

In particular, cheese produced in factories Pasturo Caught the attention of the Irish Prime Minister, Michael Martin, Is not the only hero in the cutting of a figure Bondasola, But he had the opportunity to enjoy (and appreciate) it, thanks to a recipe created and inspired for the occasion.Alice, A masterpiece James Joyce.

Blooms Day It is held annually on June 16 in Dublin and other parts of the world. A day in Dublin to commemorate the events of his famous novel Ulysses, June 16, 1904, to celebrate the Irish author. Blooms Day The novel is derived from the family name of the protagonist, Leopold Bloom.

“We know how proud our products are, repaying our consistent efforts to maintain the highest quality and offering Made in Italy flagship cheeses to customers, and a very strict raw material selection and overall control thanks to the distribution network,” he said. Nicoletta Merlo, President and CEO of Emilio Mauri. “For us, it is also a good sign of positivity after a very difficult period for all, which has not yet been fully overcome. Moments like this encourage and support our optimism. ”

“Emilio Mauri inaugurated 2021 with a seal last year, aiming for recovery, and markets are finally showing more activity,” he said. Emilio Minuso, Which represents the fifth generation of the Maori family currently in the company. Despite the epidemic, we are continuing our planned investment with the significant expansion of the Treviglio plant, and we are studying Pasturo’s further development plan, which will bring more relief to our economy, believing that the symptoms of recovery can be consolidated soon. ”

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Inspired by the sandwich bitten by the hero of Chapter VIII, prepare a special recipe presented on Bloomsday: cover a whole piece of butter with bread, masala mustard, add spinach leaves, tomatoes and thin slices BondasolaSprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

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