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Fossil of ocher trapped in pine tree glue 9.9 million years ago Shortly after giving birth to the babies, the mother and her children were wrapped in wood glue. Scientists in Myanmar have discovered a species of snail that has never been found before.

Snails have a soft body inside the shell. Therefore, fossils of ocher are rarely found millions of years later. This is why the fossils of mother Och and her five children from northern Myanmar are gaining importance. It is believed that the mother sank into the woods shortly after giving birth to the babies. Fossils also show that the mother of the youngest of the five babies was mixed with snails.

Adrian Joach, an evolutionary biologist in Frankfurt, says his mother realized at the last minute that her and her baby’s deaths were imminent. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that the tendons where Mother Och’s eyes are located were protruding. It is rare for terrestrial snails to lay their eggs instead of eggs. It is thought to have evolved to escape predators in the wild.

Scientists have classified snails as a new species of snail. It is called Cretatortulosa gignens, which means birth in Latin. These fossils also provide evidence of a critical stage in the evolution of snails.

Fossil evidence of pregnancy is rare. The 24.6 billion – year – old fossil found in Nevada in 2011 is an exception. It was found in the fossil of an extinct sea creature with babies in its stomach.

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Mines are active in northern Myanmar to obtain wood glue used as jewelry. Many fossils of biological treasures have been found here. Fossils dating back to a maximum of 300 million years have been found in Myanmar.

English Summary: Snow fossilized amber gave birth 99 million years ago


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