Manuel looks after the well-being of his patients in Northern Ireland

Manuel looks after the well-being of his patients in Northern Ireland

Manuel Carta, 39, works as a paramedic instructor at one of the most important agencies in Northern Ireland. A new hero for the “Algero in the World” column

ALGHERO – The protagonist of this week’s Alghero in the world column is Manuel Carta, 39, who lives in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Before settling in this thriving city in northern Europe, Manuel traveled a lot and stayed in London for a while, from the first ?? Act as the “Guinness” quality controller for health and social workers. However, as many people from Alghero have already told us, he too was forced to leave the country because he could not find his place in the world in Alghero and Sardinia. Sometimes you need courage to go, sometimes you change and change your destination in search of new adventures, or are you looking for happiness and that place ?? Home ??. Our protagonists find their home, each in a different direction, because you are at home not when you are at a particular point in the world, but when you feel a certain way. Today Manuel has raised his family far away from his homeland and is also a paramedic instructor working for one of the leading agencies in Northern Ireland in the treatment of patients with neurological disorders.

A new hero for the column Algero newspaper: “Algero in the World” with the stories of many immigrants who sought work, learned a new language, forgot love and found another love. The column was edited by Giuliana Portas and Sarah Alivezi, who tell a different life and a different city every Sunday. It is encouraging to know that everyone has their own path and destination. It is exciting to experience their connection with Alghero through a place or memory.

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How old were you from Alghero?
35 years.

Was Belfast your first destination?
I used to work for a big security company and traveled around the world, even in London for about a year and a half. But since 2018, Belfast has been my only destination.

The best day of your expatriate life?
My family and I bought cars and caravans and went on vacation around Ireland with our dogs.

What would you do if you did not go?
Of course I would continue to push the limits of my career and not create a family the way I wanted to.

What would you bring from Belfast to Alghero?
Jobs (there are plenty here), a thriving economy and the kindness of the people. Of course, after all, how you dress, what you do, in your bank account, people’s indifference to everything.

What would you bring from Alghero to Belfast?
Lots of things like beautiful beaches and some kind of homemade food.

Have you ever considered returning to Alghero?
Of course I think about it, who doesn’t want to live in a city like Alghero. But I can’t live with my parents or their financial support. I live here, in Alghero ….. I will survive.

An unexpected meeting with a fellow citizen ??
There are many people from Alghero whom I have seen here in Belfast, among them I have Roberto, Christina, Celine and her energetic children.

When you think of Alghero, what is the first image that comes to your mind?
When I think of Alghero, I always get an image that I think is a moment in my past life. One evening in mid-August, at about 10.30, after a day at the beach, I imagine her walking through the castle ready for a square with friends. I always carry Algiro in my heart, but it never goes back to the old way. At this historic moment, people with no inheritance, without the help of parents or ex-husbands, with humble jobs, who have to pay rent and taxes, have a lot of difficulties. This is not Algero’s problem, it’s Italy problem in general.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years …
I will always be here in Belfast, in my home, with my kids, my passions, summer plane tickets ready, one summer out of 5, final destination … Algero.

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Picture: Manual Carta


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