Mantua, a very rich festival in September

Mantua, a very rich festival in September

Each Blackboard lasts about an hour and usually assigns a different speaker with complete freedom in choosing the topic. From 2011 to 2021 (with the only interruption in 2020 due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic), the research fields involved were the most diverse, from basic chemistry to quantum physics, from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, from astronomy to bioengineering, and many others. Linguistics, Economics, Geography, Music, Classical Rhetoric, Sports Tactics and other more or less neighboring areas.

In this sense Blackboards is proposed as a modern live encyclopedia, with continuous references from one voice to another, apparently unafraid to treat other subjects with a scientific method. The connection between Blackboards participating in the festival and other scientific dissemination initiatives is no less important: researchers, scholars and experts who lectured in the square in the same year often held other meetings and workshops, which reinforces the unified character. The overall direction of the festival also creates the positive effect of drawing the public from one event to another.

In 2022 the blackboards returned to their “natural” position in Piazza Mantegna, in front of the Basilica of Sant’Andrea. Two separate series of blackboards will be dedicated to raw materials, their areas of origin, production and extraction methods, markets, environmental and socio-political impacts (and Marina Forti and Stefano Liberty E Angelo Mastrandria) and metamorphoses (Environ Giovanni Baccoloand social Angela Balzano, Ilaria Santomma E Elisa BossioPhysically Enzo Marineri). Other whiteboards will be assigned Maurizio Balistrieri E Luca Molinari.

Bloorandev – A group of young people animated by a great passion for reading, casual enough not to be intimidated on stage, a guide who can prepare them for the meeting, a writer who can step away at the right moment, surprised by their interviewers: these are the ingredients for a successful Blurandev!
For more than 15 years in the Festivalteratura program (since this year it has been an integral part of the I 6 degree reading project), Blurandev is a series of meetings with some young, enterprising readers and authors between the ages of 16 and 20. Over the years, Italian and international writers, show business personalities and artists have passed on the Bloorandeve stage: for many of them, from the usual interview, it has been one of the most powerful experiences lived at the festival (and beyond).

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Blurandevu sees between 10 and 12 young people engage each year, selected from those who normally apply to volunteer at the festival. The group meets before the event for intensive training (sometimes preceded by a program of summer reading and research), in which students have the opportunity to devote themselves tirelessly to the production of the four meetings assigned to them. .

The laboratory intends to be a “school” for conductors, but rather an opportunity for participants to make connections, discover, and compare through truly unique books and literature. This training is conducted by a team of expert guides in the management of groups led by a writer, not so much called to teach the formula of the perfect interview, but to bring out the words, passion and interests that children can reach. In a truly meaningful meeting – for themselves and the public – with those they encounter.

The interviewee also plays a non-secondary role. He was not necessarily a well-known writer among the very young: on the contrary, comparisons with essayists or literary greats were often more exciting for the general public and children. Blurandev’s ability to open up to children without fearing predictable and uncomfortable questions makes her an ideal writer.

Guests at Blurandev 2022 Caterina Bonvicini, Mariangela Gualtieri, Kento E Roberto Saviano. The writer will lead the training of the boys Gaia Mancini.

Poetic Van – A van wanders slowly through the city through the silence of half-abandoned streets. He carries two loudspeakers on the roof to spread poetry among the houses. A poet recites them from the driver’s seat or upright in a box.

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Kavya Van is a mobile program of poetry readings where street by street, square by square, meets the distracted city. Born during the pandemic, it has become an integral part of the Festivalteratura schedule. On a route designed in a limited area of ​​the urban network, the van makes a few stops at points of interest – squares, open spaces, meeting places, inner courtyards. The poet gets out of the van to give his short reading (about 20/30 minutes) and then proceeds to the next stop.

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