Manolis Sfakianakis: “Police to identify user of N. Androulakis’s malware”

Manolis Sfakianakis: "Police to identify user of N. Androulakis's malware"

Speaking to “Society Hour Mega”, Manolis Sfakianakis said about the PASOK – KINAL president’s wiretapping case: “It is very possible. Software PASOK-KINAL attempted to disrupt the president’s communication, Nikos Androulakis».

One of the first factors that worries us and indicates that something is wrong is overheating of the device. Mr Malicious softwareThese reset the mobile to factory settings every three months and use a “Dual SIM” card.

In general, the world does not need to panic that everyone is being watched, and there are fewer targets around the world who choose to intercept their communications, Mr. Sfakianakis explained.

“The Greek police are following and unfortunately not leading in the field of electronic crimes”, admitted Stavros Balaskas, noting that the police will investigate this serious case of Nikos Androulakis.

Emergency meeting of Institutions Committee

“In a democratic society and in a modern European country it is unthinkable that incidents of surveillance take place,” the justice minister told parliament. Kostas CiarasIn that context Case report The president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, to the prosecution of the Supreme Court, reporting the attempt to hack his phone, as established by a special committee of the European Parliament.

At the same time, Mr. Ciaras drew a statement from the government representative, Yannis EconomoAn independent judiciary is capable of taking charge of the matter and initiating proceedings for its clarification, while the government can help in any direction necessary so that plenty of light is shed and no shadow remains.

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