Mandatory in Austria and Greece –

Mandatory in Austria and Greece -

Who has not been vaccinated, in France, He can no longer go to the restaurant, In cafes (from early August), cinemas and museums (from July 21) on planes or trains (from August). You will have to do it instead Show a negative test, which he will perform at his own expense. The move, announced by President Macron on July 12, helps promote immunization: it works, A leap in booking on the dedicated app. France is not the only European country that has reserved access to restaurants, closed public spaces and modes of transport for those who show a vaccination pass.

Denmark and the Baltic Republics

Denmark was one of the first countries to introduce a compulsory Kovid certificate last spring. Only those who show the Coronapass app, which certifies vaccination or tampons, can access restaurants, museums, cinemas, theaters, and hairdressers. The app, which was born before European certification, also had the purpose – before traveling abroad – to secure internal movements. The metaphor of the Estonian application, on the other hand, is that it was born too early but only for expatriate purposes: the Tallinn government has always said that it is against profiling citizens. In contrast, only people who have been vaccinated in Lithuania and Latvia can dine in restaurants and go to the gym, to the movies and to the theater. Others are out, with strict violations and limitations on the number of engineers and participants.

Germany and Austria

Covpass check application records in Germany, like our immunity, vaccination status and performance of the latest kylase. Restaurants and hoteliers can – but not necessarily, and the rules vary from land to land and from company to company – ask visitors to show it and decide whether or not to grant admission. This law is more applicable in Austria, where hotels and restaurants are open, but a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery is required at the entrance, or the result of a negative callus. Registration with name and surname follows. But those who enter can be without a mask. Hotels conduct guest inspections every 48 hours. These rules also apply to nightclubs – they can operate at 75% capacity – with effect from July 23, after which they will be updated.

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Netherlands and Ireland

In the Netherlands you can easily enter anywhere, and you do not need passes: restaurants are responsible for self-certification, by answering a medical questionnaire – not anonymously – at the entrance. Only restaurants that apply this rule can operate at full capacity. Ireland has introduced temporary legislation valid for the next three months for indoor services such as restaurants without dot door areas. At this point, Kovid will only allow access to restaurants and hotels to those who have been fully vaccinated or cured and who hold the Kovid certificate. Anonymous holders of recent Negative Kailas will only be allowed to enter at a later time. Permissible Exceptions: Adolescents with parents and staff who do not wish to be vaccinated. Fake user certificates can be fined up to 2,000 euros.


Since July 3, Hungary has made a major easing of restrictions. The end of the obligation to wear the mask, the end of the request of restaurants and bars to show the vaccination certificate. Event attendees can now be up to 100 and weddings up to 400. After all, the vaccination certificate remains mandatory, and in some public places, only for minors.

Cyprus and Portugal

Cyprus and Luxembourg, like France, only allow vaccinated people to enter bars, pubs, hotels, and restaurants – called the Safe Pass in Cyprus – to try it out. Cyprus also allows visitors to the restaurant to enter the restaurant, and the island is full of points. In Portugal, from Saturday, July 10, all tourists and residents are required to provide a vaccination certificate and a seat at restaurants. Restaurants that have already tried pandemic and restricted opening hours are protesting: now only two million Portuguese have a pass, which is one-fifth. The number of tourists is still low due to travel restrictions. The country is concerned that the number of cases increased by more than 3,000 a day last weekend.

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In Greece, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced at the same time as Macron on Monday evening that stricter rules would come into effect soon: cultures, restaurants and bars would no longer be accessible to those who had not been vaccinated. The responsibility for immunization will soon be presented to health professionals as well: we will no longer close the country for the benefit of a few, the president said.

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