Manage over 10 million players, the new solution game in full production

Manage over 10 million players, the new solution game in full production

I do not know Control After crossing 10 million players, Remedy Entertainment began full production on a new game project with Epic Games.

Revealed in A new letter to investors, With the news that regulatory revenues are slightly higher in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the second quarter of 2020. The company reaffirmed its commitment to regulate marketing, D Control Ultimate Edition It started at Google Stadium, and that control is in the 2021 Epic Game Store mega sale, due to the game’s continued success.

The letter says, “New platforms, services and specialties have taught us a lot in the future, generated extra revenue, helped us reach new audiences and grow the control brand.” “Control has reached a huge audience and more than ten million players have played this game. It is important for us to increase the number of players and brand awareness as we continue to support control.

The letter reveals that the high-budget gaming project developed in partnership with Epic Games is now in full production and thanks to a deal with 505 Games, a co-op PVE game in the control universe known as Contor. . If that’s not enough, Remedy says, with 505 games “a partnership agreed to make future budget control games available on a bigger budget”.

The solution continues to develop story modes for Crossfire HD and Crossfire X, while Epic continues to work with games in the “second mini-game”. And don’t forget Vanguard, a free co-op game studio. “Good progress is being made through indoor and outdoor door-to-door testing,” the remedy said.

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We learned last month that the remedy works under another heading, and this is a total of six.

The letter says 293 employees are currently working to develop these six degrees.

“I’m pleased with our progress in 2021. Our financial position is stronger than ever before. Arriving.

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