‘Man used three-quarters of the earth 12,000 years ago’ – Wel.nl

'Man used three-quarters of the earth 12,000 years ago' - Wel.nl

We often think that the earth was much more primitive than it is now, because there were fewer people, and people abandoned nature. This is disappointing, according to new research. 12,000 years ago, humans already used three-quarters of the earth.

This is the conclusion of an international research team, including geologists and naturalists. They say that humans have been using most of the earth for thousands of years. “This research challenges previous studies, indicating that most of the Earth’s surface was relatively untouched until the Middle Ages,” reports the University of Utrecht (UU).

“Our research shows the relationship between humans and nature that has existed for thousands of years,” says Keys Clean Goldwijk, a U.S. researcher. “These are essential to understanding how we ended up in the present and how to achieve a more sustainable future.”

Researchers conclude that biodiversity and climate are not wrong because we use so much land, but because we use it so intensively. In the past, the areas were not ancient, but they were managed more sustainably.

The research team recommends taking an example from locals who use land but do not consume it.

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