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NASA says rocket for Artemis mission to return man to moon is in final test. The 332-foot-tall Artemis 1 rocket is equipped with a space launch system and the Orion spacecraft. The rocket will be launched to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 6. The final trials last approximately 12 hours.

Weather warnings for several hurricanes off the coast of Florida in June. In this case, NASA hopes to conduct the final experiments called wet dress rehearsals before June 19 in favorable weather conditions. Wet dress rehearsals involve placing the rocket on the launch pad and testing all the steps during the launch.

After three wet dress rehearsals, the rocket will return to the Vehicle Assembly Building in April. The final stage scrutiny and minor leaks of fuel will then be considered. The pipeline supplying nitrogen gas to the launch site will also be tested.

The Artemis rocket, which returns after a wet dress rehearsal, will then be taken out for launch. NASA will only approve a new rocket to the moon after a series of meticulous tests and experiments to confirm its efficiency. The Artemis team is now undergoing a test phase of the previous Apollo and Shuttle missions. With the unpredictable weather combined with the technical threats, the Artemis 1 unmanned launch mission is likely to be extended.

The final launch date of Artemis 1 will be announced once the wet dress rehearsal is complete. Artemis 1’s historic mission is to return to Earth after crossing the Moon. This unmanned rocket mission will officially launch NASA’s Artemis mission to launch a man to the moon. NASA’s Artemis mission aims to land the first female astronauts on the moon by 2025.

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English Summary: The Mega Artemis Moon rocket will be launched to the launch pad on June 6


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