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China: A gunman kills seven people and injures seven others in northeastern China.

The Xinhua news agency reported that the attack took place this morning on Kaiwan streets in Liaoning province.

In the indiscriminate attack, the attacker killed seven people and injured the same number. He was taken into police custody in a bathroom.

The Cairo’s Public Security Bureau said in a statement posted on its social networking site Weibo (equivalent to Twitter in China) that it had launched an investigation into the circumstances of the crime.

Knife attacks are common in China, where guns are banned for civilians.

In general, such killings are perpetrated by people who consider themselves victims of injustice and seek revenge on society.

In February 2019, a man suspected of being unfaithful to his wife killed eight people and stabbed seven others in a town in the northwestern province of Gansu.

In April 2018, a man killed nine high school students in northern Shanxi province and injured 12 others. The 28-year-old killer said he retaliated for being threatened while still a student in the same high school. Victims.

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