Man in underwear sleeps on top of car, not hidden by home cameras

Man in underwear sleeps on top of car, not hidden by home cameras

And Man sleeping on car roof Only worn underwear And socks. And shocking discovery Security cameras Closed circuit of his house. A resident was stunned to see a drunk, middle-aged man wearing only blue socks. underwear Black sleeping on the roof of the car in front of the house Norfolk In England.

Man in underwear sleeps on top of car

A shocking discovery was made this morning Mid August A resident of Norfolk, England. At night, a strange noise was heard from outside the house. Initially he was thinking of some celebrations in mid-August, but he decided to cover I.Night pictures captured by cameras His home’s closed circuit security system.

The discovery left him speechless, as he revealed to The Sun, which broke the news at the time. He described: “I heard a lot of commotion, saw some shards of glass on the floor of the garden, and the next morning I ran the CCTV cameras to see what happened. I ran into this guy who was lying on top. The sleeping car “.

That’s right: A man wearing only underwear and socks Resting like an ordinary mattress on the roof of a gray car parked in front of the house. A scene from a movie: When Norfolk residents took to the streets to check, the man was nowhere to be found. Who knows, alcohol smoke also has these effects?

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