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Mammals were not small because of the dinosaurs

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The ancestors of modern mammals were not very diverse during the reign of the dinosaurs. Difficult feature. Located in the shadows. But researchers say the presence of dinosaurs may not be the cause. Other mammals would compete with them.

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-240 and -66 million years ago, Dinosaurs Ruled this earth. The ancestors of modern mammals were silent. Very small. UnderEye They are less likely to develop dinosaur teeth. To, a Asteroid Helps them get the opportunity to diversify – the number of species exploded, including specific species. Anyway, that’s what scientists thought. Posted in Current Biology, A new study rearranges the cards: mammals’ opponents were not dinosaurs, but other mammals.

Today, mammals are divided between the Prototype group and the Theorean group. Then there is the interest of researchers. Using new methods of statistical analysis, they estimated the stresses experienced by mammals before and after.Extinction of dinosaurs. To monitor their disappearance Reptiles Suppression of mammalian evolution was certainly elevated. But scientists have not noticed such a correlation.

Mammals are dead! Longevity of mammals!

However, they argued that the ancestors of modern Therians were more hindered in their evolution than other mammals. These are big, there were Diets A clearer and more diverse lifestyle: They are not degraded to do what they can with what is left. Unlike our ancestors. ” This result does not make sense if you think dinosaurs blocked the Therians. », Advanced Neil Brocklehurst, one of the writers. To his eyes, ” There is no reason for dinosaurs to compete with these mammals [thériens, ndlr] Allow others [mammifères, ndlr] To thrive These will be retained by the Therians. Others “Mammals.

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These species became extinct around the same time as the non-Avian dinosaurs, leaving the farm open to their ancestors. Mammals Modern. Which “ Grow taller and explore new diets and lifestyles Elsa Pansiroli, one of the authors, reports. Researchers are advancing further evidence: small mammals. Animals weighing less than 100 grams roam near dinosaurs. These were also diversified after the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction. Although they did not ” may be Not in direct competition with the dinosaurs.

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