Malta, Siampino, Treviso and …

Here are the new Ryanair routes in Trapani. They were presented at a press conference a while ago.

It currently operates eleven routes for 30 weekly flights from Ryanair to Trapani for the summer starting in July. Six new destinations: Malta, Rome Siampino, Lamezia Terme, Pescara, Treviso and Katovis.

These are added to Pizza, Bologna, Bergamo Oro Al Serio, Baden-Baden and Prague.

It should be noted that Ryanair is more of a route designed to compete with other routes funded by public donations than the real desire to invest in Trapani.

The new planes were unveiled at a press conference between Palazzo de Orleans and Ryanair headquarters in Dublin.

Eddie Wilson, Bristol Dock CEO, Jason McGuinness, Bristol Commercial Director, Chiara Ravara, Head of Sales Marketing Bristol: The new aircraft has been portrayed as the top management of Irish Airlines. Accompanying them were Salvatore Ombra, President of the Nello Musumasi Region, President of AirJust, Tourism Councilors, Manlio Messina, and Marco Falcon for Infrastructure.

“Before the pandemic-underlined Musumasi – Sicily was the seventh most popular destination in the world for tourists. This means that our area is ready to reopen focusing on this area.

“We are still in the dark ages because of the epidemic – Eddie Wilson said – but ours is a message of optimism and growth. Sicily is a great destination, it has all the features.” The Irish company plans 80 routes to ports in Sicily, an increase of 21 percent. “We will be announcing new routes to reach more than a hundred routes in the coming weeks – McGinnon explained – we are finalizing our winter activity and we will definitely be giving the news to Trapani”.

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Ryanair routes in Trapani include six Tayaranjet routes over the summer, six Albastar, four Loomwings, one Blueware and one Dot.

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