Malayalam News – NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover copies images of glowing ice sheets on Mars | News18 Kerala, Buzz Latest Malayalam News

Malayalam News - NASA's Mars Curiosity rover copies images of glowing ice sheets on Mars |  News18 Kerala, Buzz Latest Malayalam News

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover captures images of glowing clouds on the red planet NASA said the images were taken earlier than expected. The atmosphere on Mars is generally thin, dry and cloudy. Clouds appear at the planet’s equator during the coldest time of the year. That is, when Mars is in an oval orbit farthest from the Sun.

But NASA’s Curiosity rover received images of the clouds earlier than expected, scientists said. By the end of January this year, the team had begun to record these “early” clouds. The image shows the sun’s rays shining on an ice-like surface.

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These color pictures were taken by Rover’s mast camera or mastoutcam. This picture was taken on March 5, 2021. These clouds are one of the most colorful objects on the Red Planet. “These clouds can be seen in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, and purple,” said Mark Lemmon, a meteorologist at the Space Science Institute in Colorado.

On Tuesday, March 31, the 3,075th day of the mission, Curiosity’s navigation cameras captured black and white images. “Shortly after sunset, these icebergs glow in the dim light. The US space agency, NASA, said in a statement that the evening clouds were also known as “noctilucent” (Latin for “night shining”).

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NASA says such images could help scientists understand how clouds form on Mars and why these recent images are different. In addition, the Curiosity team found that the earlier clouds were higher than normal. Most clouds on Mars do not exceed 37 miles (60 km) in the sky. They are made of water ice. But the clouds depicted by Curiosity are very high. There are indications that this may be frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice.

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Curiosity, which arrived on Mars in 2012, was designed to assess whether Mars ever had an atmosphere in which microbes or small organisms could live. In other words, the purpose of this mission is to determine the “habitation” of the planet.

NASA’s Persuasion rover landed on the surface of the red planet in February in search of life on Mars. After Sojourn, Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity, the Personnel Rover successfully touched down on Mars.

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