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Make a Mercedes Benz Hyper Touch Screen: Oxagon Automotive

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Las Vegas Mercedes Benz Technology will bring touch screen Its size exceeds the size of the existing large touch screen. Mercedes-Benz named it the Hyperscreen because of its size.

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Later, the hyper touch screen will support the information and entertainment systems owned by MBUX and Mercedes-Benz. The plan is to introduce Mercedes Benz Technology Hyper touch screen at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States.

In the teaser video released by Mercedes Benz, the hyper screen will then extend across the car dashboard. Looking at the used car, in the teaser, the Mercedes Benz EQS EV uses the MBUX hyperscreen.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the MBUX HyperScreen is a big leap forward compared to the current MBUX technology. This is because the MBUX Hyperscreen uses Mercedes-Benz Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

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Currently, all Mercedes-Benz car models are equipped with MBUX technology. MBUX has a lot of interesting things to do, some of which include adjusting the car’s interior lighting, adjusting the air conditioning, and selecting songs via the Hay Mercedes voice commands.


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