Major disruptions on UK Rail have eased at Ryanair

Perturbations importantes dans le rail britannique, réduites chez Ryanair

Train services in the United Kingdom were disrupted on Saturday, the third day of the railway strike, while a strike on Ryanair, with the exception of Belgium, appeared to have had a moderate effect in European skies.

The UK’s rail strike, which began on Tuesday and Thursday, is the largest in the country in three decades. Wages related to wages that do not match the 40-year record inflation seen in the UK. According to traffic forecasts, only one in five trains will run and half of the lines will be closed. This is limited to the time slot from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Interruptions are expected on Sunday as well.

Steve Mongomeri, chairman of Rail Delivery Group, which represents UK train operators, advised passengers to travel “only when needed” and to be aware of traffic conditions. The RMT union, which has called for a strike, is demanding a pay rise in line with inflation and condemns the possibility of “thousands of layoffs” and the collapse of working conditions. “In a modern economy, workers need to be properly paid for their work, given good conditions and given the peace that they are not going to lose their jobs,” said Mike Lynch, the organization’s general secretary. May spread due to lack of contract.

From Kigali attending the Commonwealth Summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Sky News that the British had a “right to expect fundamental reforms”, especially in the context of “unpopular customs. Union leaders”.

“Chain Delay”

In Ryanair, several unions of air hostesses and stewards were asked to suspend work in Spain, Portugal and Belgium for several days from Friday. The strike in Italy and France will begin on Saturday. In Charlero, only 41% of Ryanair flights departed on Saturday, and the company had to cancel 127 flights between Friday and Sunday, a Belgian airport spokesman said. Five flights departing and five arriving on Saturday were canceled at Sowento, the country’s largest airport.

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A union official told the Belga agency that all Belgian-based Ryanair flights – representing only a small part of the fleet – were grounded on the second day of the strike. Adding to this is the three-day strike that ended Saturday on Brussels Airlines, which caused Lufthansa’s subsidiary to cancel 60% or almost 300 of its flights from Thursday. According to Portuguese airports, only two Ryan Air Lisbon-Brussels flights were canceled on Saturday.

No morning cancellations have been reported in Spain, and according to the USO Union, there have been delays in the departure and arrival of 15 flights from the Irish company. But the union says the situation is likely to worsen over the weekend, as “Ryan Air’s maximum profit margin, which leaves the shortest time between flights, will cause chain delays”.

In France, where the strike is scheduled for two days over the weekend, the National Union of Commercial Flight Crew (SNPNC) announced on Saturday that Ryan Air had canceled 36 of the 80 flights it normally operates with French staff. About 300 hostesses and stewards of the company in France for the movement. Ryanair predicted in a statement Friday that 98 percent of its 3,000 daily flights will be in service this weekend. The low-cost airline said it expects disruptions mainly in France, Italy and Spain due to the strike at an air traffic control center in Marseille (south of France).

Train traffic in the United Kingdom was disrupted on Saturday, the third day of the railway strike, and a strike on Ryanair, with the exception of Belgium, in the European skies seems to have had a moderate impact.
The UK’s rail strike, which began on Tuesday and Thursday, is the largest in the country in three decades. The requirements are related to wages, which …

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