Maison DL Europe has launched its label

Maison DL Europe has launched its label

Maison DL Europe du Lot-et-Garon received the label “Europe Direct Moen Garon”, rewarding all the work of the organization.

On Saturday, the House of Europe was the least active on the part of Lot-et-Garonne. First, in the early part of the afternoon, an open day allowed visitors to discover the many language courses offered there. English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian or even French as a foreign language … These open days allowed visitors to interact with various trainers. New this year: A proud oral course with English and Spanish-only oral conversation courses that take place between lunch and two in the afternoon. The day continued with the inauguration of the Europe Direct Moen Garon label, which has been offering for 5 years. Various activities in the courtyard of the Activitiesdouard-Herriot School ended in the afternoon. Games made it possible to discover Europe. Virtual reality headsets made it possible for them to visit several European capitals. The Savage Agent School (boxing), the Agent Sports Group (hiking), the Celtic Addiction (Irish Dance), the Voluntary Gymnastics Agent, and the SUA Omnisport also hosted sports events and initiatives. The Yojana Agent Orchestra gave two concerts, about 5 pm and 7 pm. Two films, “To Our European Values!” He also aired a film about the Europe Direct of Newell-Aquitaine. After that, Tenor Christian Moulik interpreted the European song (edited by students at Castilonus College). Officials then took the position that Jean-Dionis du Sejour, deputy mayor of the second constituency of Lone-et-Garon Alexander Freshie, Lot-et-Garon Olivier Damiസിne, Senator Jean-Benoit Soppin of the European Commission of Marseille (MOE) Group Pierre Moga, head of the Territorial Poll, representing Bittu (Greens Group). The opening ended with a glass of friendship, all to the music.

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An animation by the Agent Orchestra

On Saturday, in the courtyard of the Edward-Harriet School, the unity of the Agan Orchestra was animated by the opening music of the Europe Direct label given by Maison DL Europe de Lot-et-Garonne for the next 5 years. Forty musicians performed a diverse collection twice (from 5pm to 7pm). Conductor Laurent Nanny led the musicians with the baton. Also, “Love is Everything”, “Take Me”, “Oh Happy Day”, “El Enconda”, “Tico Tico”, “Happy Together” to the greatest joy of the past audience “, not forgetting the European song. Note that the Agent Orchestra, which is beginning to compile a new collection, is looking for musicians to expand its workforce for its next performances. Horn players, trumpeters, trombonists, tubists, bassists, flutists, clarinetists, bassists, percussionists … all musical instrumentalists with a few years of instrumental training are welcome.

Rehearsals take place every Thursday evening in the auditorium of the Agent Conservatory.

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