Madrid lauds “extraordinary mission” of Spanish and Moroccan security forces

Madrid lauds "extraordinary mission" of Spanish and Moroccan security forces

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Alparez has revealed that the number of illegal immigrants via Morocco has dropped significantly since the end of the diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Madrid.

The Spanish minister on Wednesday praised the “extraordinary mission” of the security forces of both countries during his visit to Morocco to attend the meeting of the International Coalition against Islamic State “ISIS”.

The newspaper quoted “Elbis“January and February saw a 70 per cent drop in the number of migrants compared to March and April,” Alparis said.

The newspaper reported that during an international meeting in Marrakesh, Alparis met with his Moroccan rival Nasser Bourita for about an hour.

Spain and Morocco have agreed to reopen the northern borders of the Spanish-controlled territories of Suita and Melilla “in the coming days” without specifying a specific date, and the two border posts are still one of the points of discussion.

The Moroccan minister also avoided mentioning the word “customs” in addition to Suta and Melilla, but stressed that Rabat was still working to implement all points of the joint declaration between Spain and Morocco. According to the newspaper, between the two countries.

The agreement comes in the wake of the resumption of cooperation between the two countries, which was facilitated by Madrid’s change of position in favor of Rabat in mid-March in the Western Sahara conflict, in support of Morocco’s proposed autonomy plan. Conflict.

This is a step towards ending the crisis that erupted when Madrid hosted the treatment of Ibrahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario Front demanding the independence of the Western Sahara.

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At the time, the crisis was exacerbated by the influx of 10,000 immigrants, mostly Moroccans, and many minors, into the Spanish enclave in Seuta, northern Morocco, taking advantage of the loose border control from the Moroccan side.

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