Madrid is collapsing and experiencing an emergency with the avalanche of this century

Madrid is collapsing and experiencing an emergency with the avalanche of this century

Spain and Portugal face a cold wave. And polar regions that have not been recorded for half a century in parts of Spanish territory that are rare in the history of both countries. Images of Madrid with 50 to 70 cm of snow in some places are historic and remarkable.

The cold and snowfall from Hurricane Philomena has reduced temperatures since the beginning of the week. The Spanish Meteorological Agency (EMAT) has issued red alerts for Madrid, Guadalajara, Cuenca, Albacete, Toledo and Valencia.

The Meteorological Department in the region forecast 20 cm of snow in 24 hours. In some parts of the country, such as the Ebro Valley, the snow can reach half a meter.

The meteorological agency Emet described the situation as “unusual” and “historic” as more than half of the country’s snow alert on Friday and Saturday.

Hurricane Philomena turned out to be a nightmare for hundreds of citizens stranded on Spanish roads on Friday night and Saturday morning.

In the capital, snow has blocked, public bus service is not working, garbage collection has been suspended, and Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida has asked people not to leave their homes. Almeida does not know when he will be able to rescue the trapped people, as he warns that time will not improve in the next few hours. Hundreds of people are trapped in their cars on the streets and roads of Madrid. Local authorities are seeking the help of the military.

The biggest avalanche of the last 40 or 50 years – some local meteorologists say it was the worst weather since 1904 – as a man rides down the street on a dog sled, while skiers or battles in Puerto del Sol and Granvia lock the ball into the caravan, causing thousands of people to be locked in their cars. Had to be rescued.

A (ana of official) weather station-34.1 recordC was recorded at the Clട്ട്tel del Tuc de la Lania in the Alto Pirinu Natural Park in the province of Lerida in Catalonia. The sign was observed by Project 4 Estations, a group of fans of meteorology.

The weather station is at a school resort. Clot del Tuc de la Lania is located at an altitude of 2,305 m. Elsewhere, low temperature values ​​of -27.2 ofC were recorded in La Vazquez, -25.7 LC in Leord and -22.3 VeC in Velcodorno.

On Thursday, the station of the Northwest Peninsular Meteorological Association at Vega de Leord (Lyon) was -35.8 was C. According to Spanish newspapers, the record may have been the lowest since 1956, when the Spanish municipality recorded -32 ºC at Estani Gento (Lake of Glacier Origin) in Val Fosca, Torre Cabdella.


In Portugal, Hurricane Philomena caused problems while at sea in the Madeira archipelago. The country is not as severely affected as Spain, but it is very cold due to snow, ice and frost. Snowfall is on the rise in Portugal this weekend, especially in Alantijo.

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