Macs threatened by dangerous viruses

Le malware XLoader est désormais compatible avec macOS. © VIN JD, Pixabay

Formbook malware develops and becomes an exloader, a “Malware as a Service” It can be rented on the DarkWeb. This time it is compatible with Apple’s MacOS operating system.

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The Computers Apple products have a reputation for being more secure than running on Windows, but this is due to the developers. Malware Wants to target’s operating system Microsoft, Used more. However, the security institution Checkpoint Reported to be dangerous Malware It’s ideal now Makos.

Suspicious malware is called the Derivative Exloader of Formbook. It can steal login credentials from different browsers Screenshot, Record keystrokes and connect Central servers To receive commands such as downloading and running files.

Malware located in the Startup folder

This malware is accessible to all and can be rented Darkweb For $ 49 per month for the Mac version. According to Checkpoint researchers, Xloader has been detected in 69 countries, the United States (53%) and France 3%. Malware uses a special technology to confuse 90,000 lists Domain names It sends data. Of these, only 1,300 are actually command and control servers, and the rest are legitimate sites.

The checkpoint indicates the users From Mac You can check for malware by checking the contents of Launch Agents, the auto-launch folder in MacOS. It is recommended to delete any file with a suspicious name, such as a random string of letters and numbers.

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