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Macron won the most votes among French people living in Brazil The world

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Macron won 27.85% of the vote, ahead of Le Pen, who received 23.15%. But if it is the French who live in Brazil, the result will be a little different.

The French gave the incumbent president a far-reaching victory, winning 43.6% of the vote in Brazil’s diplomatic representation.

In the first election of 2017 (43%) he practically repeated the percentage of votes he received from his comrades on Brazilian soil.

But instead of choosing the far right to run with Macron in the second round, a large section of French voters living in Brazil chose the other side of the political spectrum and supported Jean-Luc Mൻlenchon, an independent leftist who won 24.8. % Of votes.

Jean-Luc Mലlenchon during a speech in Paris on March 20, 2022 – Photo: Thomas Patila / AP

On FranceThe Left came in third, winning 21.9% in the first round and threatening Le Pen to advance to the second round.

In Brazil, Le Pen won only 5.2% of the vote, finishing fifth in the vote, behind far-right candidate Eric Zemmour (8.3%) and French Green Party candidate Yannick Jadot (6, 7). .

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The French abroad reject Le Pen

However, out of all the votes of French expatriates, Le Pen also came in fifth with 5.29%.

Overall, Macron received 45.09%; It is in second place with 21.92% along with Melenchon. The far-right Semur won 8.67% of the vote abroad and the Green Jadot 8.17%.

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