Macron threatened to withdraw French troops if Mali went in the direction of radical Islamism


Like the European Union, Paris on Tuesday condemned the coup d’tat after the arrest of President Bahnad and Prime Minister Mokhtar Uwan. The country’s most powerful Colonel Azimi Gosta decided.

Emmanuel Macron has said that France will withdraw its troops if Mali moves in the direction of radical Islamism. Sunday newspaper (JDD) aired this Sunday after the second coup in nine months.

France, which deals with 5,100 men in Barkhan, supports Mali, which has been facing a jihadi upsurge from the north since 2012, pushing the country into a security crisis and spreading to the center of the country. But Paris, like the European Union, condemned the unacceptable coup on Tuesday after the arrest of President Bahnad and Prime Minister Mokhtar Uwan.

“I told Malian President Bahn Daw, who was very strict about the stamp between power and jihadists: ‘Radical Islamism in Mali with our soldiers there? Never in life!’ Today in Mali there is this temptation, but if I go in this direction, I will back off, ”the French president warned in an interview. J.D.D. During a trip to Rwanda and South Africa.

We must “invest heavily” to end the health crisis

The French head of state also claims to have sent a message to West African leaders that “we will no longer stand by a country that has no democratic legitimacy or transformation.”

He recalls saying for three years, “We had to think about getting out of many defense committees.”

“At the top of the pile, I prepared a way. I continued at the request of the states, because I thought the exit was a stage of destabilization. But the question arises, we have no job to stay there forever,” he repeated.

Emmanuel Macron warns against the failure of development policy in Africa. “I want to make it clear that if we are partners in the failure of Africa, we will be responsible, but we will pay a lot, especially in the case of immigration,” he said.

Therefore, he reminds us that at the end of the Kovid-19 pandemic, there should be a “massive investment” equivalent to a martial plan and that the international community should have “the courage to say that a portion of the debt is being wiped out to help Africans”. Build their future “.

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